Cisco sees net profits rise 56% in Q2

US telecoms equipment vendor Cisco has posted strong revenues and net profits for the second quarter of this year and also its full fiscal 2012 which ended in June.

Global average Internet connections reach 2.6 Mbps

The latest State of the Internet report from Content Delivery Network (CDN) operator Akamai has found that both penetration of Internet services and average access speeds (fixed and mobile) both increased in the first quarter of this year, while IPv6 connections continue to proliferate.

Safeguarding the Internet’s future growth

2012 will see the world run out of IP addresses. The current standard (IPv4) is now on the verge of full depletion, and in the near future devices will only be able to connect to the Internet using the new standard (IPv6).

To get the lowdown on what this will mean for all those businesses who have placed the Internet at their core, we spoke to Axel Pawlik, managing director of the RIPE NCC, an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination in its service region.

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