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    BBC’s Fred Medina on the Olympics: “Audiences are not static”

    Fred Medina, 
EVP and Managing Director, 
BBC Worldwide Latin America & US Hispanic
    Two big reasons make this year’s Broadband and TV Connect Latin America 2014 the most important yet: this summer’s World Cup, and Rio’s approaching 2016 Olympics. Which makes the scheduled keynote by Fred Medina, EVP and Managing Director, BBC Worldwide Latin America & US Hispanic, so intriguing, since it tackles the lessons learnt by the...
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    Com Hem: “We are on a path to virtualisation.”

    Asanga Gunatillaka
Chief Product Officer 
Com Hem
    Sweden’s Com Hem is a trailblazing provider of Triple Play, and in this engrossing, in-depth interview IP&TV catches up with their Chief Product Officer Asanga Guntillaka, to discuss TiVo, OTT, multiplatform and more. IP&TV News: How have Com Hem transformed its TV offerings in Sweden in recent years? Asanga Guntillaka: Our TV solutions have in recent years...
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    Roku: “We believe that all content will be streamed.”

    Ed Lee
    In the first video instalment from IP&TV’s trip to last week’s fantastic OTTtv World Summit, we’re delighted to share with you our chat with Ed Lee, VP Content Acquisition, Roku. We discuss the OTT ecosystem, Roku’s adventures in the UK market, the company’s plans for the future, and more.

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