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    Discovery Communications: “We are at the beginning of the SocialTV revolution.”

    Amaury Blondet,  Manager, Digital Media
Discovery Communications
    If there’s a topic that never fails to fascinate in terms of what it will mean for the future of connected entertainment, it has to be Social. And who better to ask what that future implications might look like than Amaury Blondet,  Manager, Digital Media at Discovery Communications… IP&TV News: Hi Amaury. How big a part of...
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    Roku: “We believe that all content will be streamed.”

    Ed Lee
VP Content Acquisition
    In the first video instalment from IP&TV’s trip to last week’s fantastic OTTtv World Summit, we’re delighted to share with you our chat with Ed Lee, VP Content Acquisition, Roku. We discuss the OTT ecosystem, Roku’s adventures in the UK market, the company’s plans for the future, and more.
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    CBS to stream JFK assassination coverage for anniversary

    In a really imaginative use of IPTV, has announced that it will stream CBS News’ historic broadcast coverage of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination to mark the 50th anniversary of the shooting. The extensive online offering will feature the minute-by-minute CBS News broadcasts in real time as they were delivered during the four-day period...

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