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    Peter Simpson, Pace: “Maybe we need dumb screens and smarter boxes”

    Peter Simpson
VP Product Marketing 
    IP&TV has a lot of time for Pace, and also for its Product Marketing VP Peter Simpson, whose bags of enthusiasm and passion could give some indication of how Pace remain  at the forefront of digital TV technology. Peter’s going to be speaking at a lot of upcoming events, including TV Connect, AfricaCast and TV Connect MENA. On the...
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    Global STB market to break records this year

    The set-top box continues to thrive despite the pay-TV industry's increased focus on delivering video to other connected devices, with market shipments set to hit successive highs over the next three years, according to US research firm IHS
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    Samsung buys Boxee

    Korean electronics giant Samsung has bought Israeli firm Boxee, a maker of highly popular media streamers, as part of efforts to improve the overall user experience across its connected devices

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