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    Total US pay-TV homes fall 4%

    New consumer research from Leichtman finds that about 83% of all households nationwide subscribe to some form of pay-TV service – which is down from 87% in 2010, but up from 81% in 2005. While the total number of subscribers for the top pay-TV providers at the end of 2Q 2015 is similar to the...
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    Amazon Web Services seals Elemental purcahse

    Amazon Web Services has reached an agreement to acquire multiscreen software specialists Elemental Technologies. The acquisition should bring together Elemental’s video solutions with the AWS Cloud platform to offer a range of new integrated solutions to scale video infrastructures. “Elemental shares Amazon’s passion for invention and putting the customer first,” comments Andy Jassy, Senior Vice...
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    Content is king… but only if you can manage its contracts!

    Guest post from Michael Holocher, Product Manager for Over-The-Top TV at Siemens Convergence Creators “Content is king” has been a buzzword in multiple industries for the past decade or so now. But the phrase fails to describe any of the accompanying economic processes involved in the rapidly evolving world of content and business management. While...

Analysis & Opinion

  • 10 amazing facts about leading MCN Diagonal View

    Diagonal View founder Matt Heiman

    1. Diagonal View rules the world of “top 10” videos Have you ever seen one of those irritatingly irresistible “ten amazing/strange facts about…” vids? Course you have. And it was probably made by Diagonal View’s Alltime10s. The channel boasts over 3 million subscribers across various platforms, and has racked up an astonishing 919,465,057 views in…

  • MoneySuperMarket: 4 key consumer trends in broadband

    Kate Devine, 
Head of Broadband,

    IP&TV News is so MoneySuperMarket! At least we are today, since we have an exclusive guest post from Kate Devine, Head of Broadband at the famous price comparison website. Devine is a confirmed speaker at this year’s Broadband World Forum (20-22 October 2015, London ExCel), where she’ll be sharing some of MoneySuperMarket’s incomparable insight into consumer behaviour….

  • How the net was won: Inside the war with US cable

    Evan Greer

    Don’t even try suggesting to internet activist/Broadband World Forum keynote Evan Greer that net neutrality has more to do with bandwidth than civil rights… “If Comcast, AT&T and Verizon were actually so concerned with these connection and bandwidth issues…,”she scoffs, “…then the first thing they could do is actually build up all the infrastructure they promised to build up…

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