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    67% prefer to stream favourite TV shows

    67% prefer to stream their favourite TV shows on-demand, rather than watch them live, according to a new report from CDN specialists Akamai. The report, State of CDN Services, also showed that, while 56% of viewers prefer to view live content on the television, when they are streaming content, they’re doing so via numerous devices....
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    Ex Hulu CEO reveals details of new SVOD service

    In a blog post published yesterday, former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has revealed details of new video business Vessel, which purports to be a new, more profitable outlet for creators seeking to distribute short-form video content online. Relying on a mixture of “low priced” subscription charges and advertising for revenue, Kilar says that access to...
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    Kabel Deutschland gains ground in German HD rankings

    Veed Analytics has released its latest German HD rankings, which shows an unchanged top two of Deutsche Telekom (1st) and Sky Deutschland (2nd), but with Kabel Deutschland rising to 3rd. Kabel Deutschland recently announced the expansion of its HD TV-deals, with “Kabel Premium HD” gaining one more HD-channel and “Kabel Premium Extra” gaining five more...

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  • Analyst report: Reed Hastings and the ‘end of broadcasting’

    Well he would say that, wouldn’t he? By ‘he’  we mean Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and by ‘that’ his recent proclamation/prophecy that traditional broadcasting was the horse to OTT’s car, and will have become similarly obsolete (Wild Bunch-style) by 2030.   Certainly it sounded a bit of a bold statement. IP&TV News turned to Tom Cheesewright (Applied…

  • Special report: Why ISPs need to be thinking more about the future

    Tom Cheesewright, Founder, Book of the Future

    Does the broadband industry need a reality check? Applied futurist Tom Cheesewright thinks… it might. Weeks after chairing a discussion concerning net freedom on Day 3 of the Broadband World Forum 2014 – with a panel including BitTorrent’s Eric Klinke (and others leading reps from “the internet’s far left”) – Cheesewright still sounds slightly stunned by the…

  • OTTtv World Summit asks: Could Chromecast replace set top box?

    At OTTtv World Summit, London At yesterday’s OTT World Summit, a panel discussion including the likes of TalkTalk, Arqiva, and DT came together to ask ‘Are We Witnessing the Death of the Set Top Box?’ The answer, perhaps surprisingly, was an emphatic and unanimous ‘no’ – for a variety of reasons, it was agreed that…

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