• Essence Group: “The consumer is used to paying for security”

    Rafi Zauer, 
Head of Marketing,
Essence Group

    IP&TV News talks to Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing at Essence Group, to find out why security is increasingly synonymous with the smart home. IP&TV News: Why has security seized centre stage in the smart home ecosystem? Rafi Zauer: It’s all about what the consumers – the people that end up funding the future of the...

  • Solarflare: “Service providers want to to deliver the best video”

    Russell Stern, 

    IP&TV News talks to Russell Stern, CEO of Solarflare… IP&TV News: Tell us about Solarflare and what you’re able to bring to the connected entertainment ecosystem? Russell Stern: Solarflare sees that the connected entertainment ecosystem is changing rapidly and increasingly requires higher networking capacity and throughput to deliver high quality multimedia content for on demand...

  • Discovery Digital Networks: “We custom produce per platform”

    Colin Decker, 
GM and SVP,
Discovery Digital Networks

    Caroline Hicks catches up with TV Xperience keynote Colin Decker, Discovery Digital Networks’ General Manager and SVP Caroline Hicks: Hi Colin. Tell us about Discovery Digital Networks, and how it fits into the wider Discovery family? Colin Decker: Discovery Digital Networks occupies a space that’s all about creating original, video-centric programming for digital native audiences. We...

  • Vid dispatches from Smart Home World: Gregory Grin, Swisscom

    Gregory Grin, 
Head of Product Development & Operations,
Swisscom Smart Living

    What has Gregory Grin’s grandma got to do with Swisscom’s ground-breaking smart home solution? IP&TV News found out at this year’s Smart Home World.  

  • Vid dispatches from Smart Home World: Jan Holm, Smartly

    Jan Holm

    Smartly is being an early mover in the global Smart Home market. At the heart of Smartly’s solutions is a highly advanced real time and two way communicating gateway. Thomas Campbell caught up with CEO Jan Holm to find out more at Smart Home World.

  • Ipsos: “Let’s say all the networks go it alone…”

    Gavin Bridge, 
Vice President, 

    Gavin Bridge (Vice President, Ipsos) is an English analyst based in the US, and in the following IP&TV News exclusive compares the two markets, and explains why the forecast US OTT a la carte revolution might not prove as rosy a destination as many US consumers expect. Gavin’s a confirmed speaker at this year’s TV...

  • Vid dispatches from Smart Home World: Martin Harriman

    Martin Harriman, 
Digital Home Director, Telefonica Digital

    Will service providers rule the smart home space? Well, Martin Harriman has a background working for the likes of Telefonica, and is currently an industry consultant with A Digital Edge: in other words — he should know. (So we asked him…)

  • TVPlayer: “We plan on rolling out into other territories”

    Dan Finch, 
Commercial Director, TVPlayer

    IP&TV News talks to TVPlayer’s Dan Finch about the new OTT… IP&TV News: What space in the market has TVPlayer identified? Dan Finch: TVPlayer is positioned as a low cost TV platform, offering a great selection of premium channels, at an affordable price point and, most importantly without a long contract. Our research indicated that there are...

  • Vid dispatches from Smart Home World: David Rajan, Method

    david rajan

    What makes for good design? You can be sure that the answer to this question will define those who prove most successful in the emergent  IoT ecosystem. IP&TV News’ editor Thomas Campbell spoke to David Rajan, CTO, Method, to discuss ‘human first’ innovation at Smart Home World in London.

  • MoneySuperMarket: 4 key consumer trends in broadband

    Kate Devine, 
Head of Broadband,

    IP&TV News is so MoneySuperMarket! At least we are today, since we have an exclusive guest post from Kate Devine, Head of Broadband at the famous price comparison website. Devine is a confirmed speaker at this year’s Broadband World Forum (20-22 October 2015, London ExCel), where she’ll be sharing some of MoneySuperMarket’s incomparable insight into consumer behaviour....

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