• How the net was won: Inside the war with US cable

    Evan Greer

    Don’t even try suggesting to internet activist/Broadband World Forum keynote Evan Greer that net neutrality has more to do with bandwidth than civil rights… “If Comcast, AT&T and Verizon were actually so concerned with these connection and bandwidth issues…,”she scoffs, “…then the first thing they could do is actually build up all the infrastructure they promised to build up...

  • NBC: “Namibia is now at 70% DTT coverage”

    Aldred Dreyer

    17 June 2015 marked the ostensible deadline for the digital TV switchover: however in many African countries full DTT looks a very long way off.  Namibia, however, is an exception: the country already boasts 70% coverage. To find out how it has been so successful, IP&TV News spoke to Aldred Dreyer, TV Connect Africa keynote and...

  • Dom Robinson, id3as: “One thing you cannot do is stand still”

    Dom Robinson, Co-Founder and Director, id3as

    Sarah Bailey talks network evolution with Dom Robinson, Co-Founder and Director, id3as. Sarah Bailey: How will mobile networks evolve to support mobile video? Dom Robinson: eMBMS (LTE Broadcast) will deepen the relationship between traditional broadcasters and mobile operators as they start to scale live linear delivery. As these models develop we will see a greater...

  • Norigin Media: “Long tail content can be moved to the cloud”

    Ajey Anand, 
Norigin Media

    We talk to Ajey Anand CEO at Norigin Media, about what the cloud can do for live broadcasting… IP&TV News: What can the cloud offer on the live TV side of things? Ajey Anand: Every aspect of live TV can be managed within a cloud architecture. Infrastructure for OTT services has evolved slowly, but in the...

  • Sky: “The OTT challenge is TV quality at TV scale”

    Ben Forman, 
Principal Streaming Architect,  Internet TV, 

    Content Delivery World keynote Ben Forman talks streaming and QoE with IP&TV News. IP&TV News: How big a challenge does the content delivery side of its converged offerings present to Sky? Ben Forman: The challenge is huge, for several reasons. Sky is a company that differentiates itself based on quality. Our HD service was the first in the...

  • SEACOM: “Scaling network traffic is a constant battle”

    Mark Tinka

    Ahead of his appearance at Content Delivery World,  SEACOM’s Head of Engineering Mark Tinka breaks down some of the big topics in today’s CDN ecosystem with Sarah Bailey… IP&TV News: Hi Marc. How will mobile networks evolve to support mobile video? Mark Tinka: Delivering video over mobile networks is going to continue to be a...

  • Edward Silva, Marvell: “It’s an exciting time to be an operator”

    Edward Silva

    Marvell tells IP&TV News about the fast changing Pay-TV ecosystem in this exclusive video interview

  • Simon Trudelle, Nagra, at TV Connect 2015

    Simon Trudelle

    How can TV evolve to meet the needs and expectations of Millennials? IP&TV asks Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director for Nagra, at TV Connect 2015…

  • Chris Moon, Telegraph Hill, at TV Connect 2015

    Chris Moon

    IP&TV News talks to Chris Moon, Head of Insights and Analytics at Telegraph Hill , about the future of advertising, data, content, social and more.

  • Matt Stagg, EE, at TV Connect 2015

    Matt Stagg, Everything Everywhere

    Matt Stagg, Senior Manager of Network Strategy, EE, talks LTE Broadcast and more at TV Connect 2015.

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