• BBC Worldwide: “Asia is now getting into OTT.”

    David Weiland

    IP&TV News talks to BBC Worldwide’s Asian EVP David Weiland about the commercial arm of the BBC’s present and future plans for the region…  IP&TV News: Hi David, can you give us an overview of BBC Worldwide’s involvement in the Asian market?   David Weiland: We have a number of different business lines, and we’re structured...

  • SwiftKey and the keyboard of the future

    Joe Braidwood

    Imagine if everyone’s mobile keyboard was an app; if every time you sent a text or email, or wrote a tweet, or posted on Facebook, or searched Google (and so on and so on and so on), you were using… an app. If this was the case, your keyboard would not merely be one app...

  • Amdocs: “No-one was offering an end to end smart home solution”

    Michel Arrede, 
Head of Marketing, 
Amdocs Connected Home

    Smart Home World (23 – 24 June 2015, London) is looking like the place to go for those looking to anticipate and influence the development of the connected home in Europe… IP&TV News has already interviewed speakers from the likes of Samsung, Swisscom and Strategy Analytics, and today’s exclusive chat with Amdocs’ Michel Arrede provides...

  • How to make a video viral: inside the Unruly laboratory

    Daniel Best

    A few years ago, the brilliant Onion-esque British satirical blog The Daily Mash ran the following story: Boss demands successful viral video for boring project A boss has demanded that his staff create a wildly successful viral video for a boring business idea. Bill McKay, managing director of Midlands-based Premier Boiler Services, has instructed his...

  • Ovum on HBO Now: “Building an OTT audience is very tough”

    Ed Barton

    How disruptive will HBO Now prove to the wider pay-TV ecosystem? IP&TV News asks Ovum analyst (and TV Connect chair) Ed Barton… IP&TV News: What have you been able to learn from the launch of HBO Now on iTunes? What was notable about this announcement? Ed Barton: It’s worth remembering you’ll still be able to...

  • Amrish Kacker: an overview of the Asian OTT market

    Amrish Kacker

    Guest post from Amrish Kacker (Partner, Head of Asia-Pacific Analysys Mason) When you look at wireless traffic in Asia, a very large proportion of it is video. The numbers vary but it could be anywhere between 40-50% of the data traffic. A lot of this could be free video – things like YouTube and so...

  • Orange Labs: “eMBMS is definitely not just for video”

    Carlos Perez E2E LTE Technical Project Manager Orange Labs

    IP&TV News talks eMBMS/LTE Broadcast with Carlos Perez (E2E LTE Technical Project Manager, Orange Labs). Perez will be appearing at the LTE Broadcast conference track at TV Connect (28 – 30 April 2015 ExCel, London).  IP&TV News: Hi Carlos. Tell us a bit about the history of your research into eMBMS at Orange Labs? Carlos Perez: It’s two and half...

  • Nagra: “We are seeing a growing appetite to adopt new services”

    Simon Trudelle

    Ahead of Nagra’s appearance at Broadband and TV Connect Asia  (12th-13th May 2015, Suntec, Singapore), IP&TV News’ Barry Killengrey interviews Simon Trudelle (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nagra).  Barry Killengrey: Hi Simon. Can you start by telling us something about Nagra’s involvement at this year’s Broadband and TV Connect Asia… Simon Trudelle: Our presentation is on...

  • Samsung and the smart home: “We are setting the stage”

    Sriram Thodla (Director, Samsung Smart Home Products and Strategy)

    Here’s an interesting conversation with Samsung’s Sriram Thodla, ahead of Smart Home World this June… IP&TV News: Hi Sriram. Tell us about your role at Samsung? Sriram Thodla: My role is to make use of the acquisition of SmartThings, to figure out the Samsung smart home strategy, and figure out how we use the open...

  • Comment: Nick Thomas on the future of the BBC

    Nick Thomas

    Following yesterday’s speech by BBC director general Tony Hall, Ovum analyst and TV Connect (28 – 30 April 2015 ExCel, London) chair Nick Thomas considers some of the issues raised by Hall, and the future of the world’s leading public broadcaster. I thought Tony Hall’s speech was a good, coherent statement of intent about the BBC’s...

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