• Ran Harnevo: “AOL is doubling down on OTT and original content.”

    Ran Harnevo, 
President, Video, 

    IP&TV News chats to the esteemed Ran Harnevo about AOL’s video vision… Hi Ran. AOL is now the second biggest OTT provider after YouTube. Can you tell us something about that journey? Two years ago, we set out to make AOL On content available on every OTT device. We were strategic in our approach, and...

  • Showtime: “The truly big ideas haven’t even been conceived of yet”

    David Preisman, 
VP Interactive Television, Showtime Networks

    When it comes to interactive TV and the cutting edge, David Preisman (VP Interactive Television, Showtime Networks) has an extraordinary amount of insight and experience – as the following fascinating interview with IP&TV News amply demonstrates… Hi David. You’ve been working on interactive TV projects for a long time. Have we seen any especially significant developments in...

  • Afrikan Dust Media Group: “OTT services are investing in African content.”

    Simbarashe Mabasha, Director, 
Afrikan Dust Media Group

    In the second of a series of interviews taking the temperature of African connected entertainment in advance of this year’s AfricaCast, IP&TV News catches up with Simbarashe Mabasha, director at the Afrikan Dust Media Group. IP&TV News: Hi Simbarashe. In the year that’s passed since AfricaCast 2013, what have been the most significant advances has...

  • Parks Associates: “micropayments will have a place in multiscreen”

    Brett L. Sappington, 
Director of Research, 
Parks Associates

    IP&TV News talks to Brett L. Sappington (Director of Research, Parks Associates), about micropayments, multiscreen, and more. Brett will be appearing at this year’s TVXperience (October 13-15 , Convene Center, New York), for booking and more info go here. IP&TV News: Hi Brett. How big a future do you think micropayments have in the multiscreen ecosystem? Just...

  • Balancing Act: “VoD platforms have grown enormously in Africa”

    Russell Southwood,
Chief Executive 
Balancing Act

    Few are as comprehensively informed on the African broadcasting ecosystem as Balancing Act’s Chief Executive Russell Southwood. Which is one of the main reasons he’ll be chairing this year’s AfricaCast, no doubt. Well ahead of this appearance, he gives IP&TV News the lowdown on what’s happened in the many months since last year’s event… Hi...

  • Aereo aftermath: What are the implications of Supreme Court ruling?

    Simon Dyson, 
Music & Copyright,

    Last month’s ruling against Aereo by the Supreme Court has left a number of questions in its wake. To get some answers, IP&TV News sought out Simon Dyson, editor of Music & Copyright,’ and an expert on the legal cat’s cradle of  copyright issues in the digital age. IP&TV News began by asking what the...

  • VirginMedia: “People will start to move away from TV as the only medium”

    Paul McDonough, 
Lead Technical Analyst, Web & Online Platform, VirginMedia

    Exclusive interview with VirginMedia’s Paul McDonough, who reveals the media giant’s thoughts on TV’s ongoing, and breakneck, evolution. IP&TV News: What have been the latest developments, challenges and technologies for VirginMedia in delivering IPTV directly to the television set? Paul McDonough: We’ve been experimenting in various technologies; the use of HTML5 code standards to help...

  • Time Warner Cable: “CDNs will need to adapt.”

    Jamie Panagos Managing Principal Content Operations Engineer
Time Warner Cable

    IP&TV News talks CDNs and IP video delivery with Jamie Panagos of Time Warner Cable… IP&TV News: What’s the most exciting thing happening in terms of VOD at Time Warner Cable at the moment? Jamie Panagos: We have a few initiatives going on that are exciting which impact VOD.  Some are limited to VOD and some...

  • ONO: “Don’t underestimate the importance of the set top box”

    Nick Ontiveros, 
Director of Marketing, Television,

    IP&TV News talks to Nick Ontiveros, Director of Marketing, Television, ONO, ahead of his appearance at this year’s TV in the Cloud Summit (collocated with the CDN World Summit, 1-2 October, 2014, London). IP&TV News: What are the main things cloud TV can offer the consumer? Nick Ontiveros: Flexibility without sacrificing quality on multiscreen. For ONO, the ideal...

  • Orange: “OTT services bring new revenue growth opportunities”

    Sara Oueslati, 
Content Delivery Product Manager, 

    IP&TV News talks to Sara Oueslati, Orange’s Content Delivery Product Manager, about Orange’s present and future involvement in OTT and CDNs. IP&TV News: What distinguishes Orange’s CDN technology? Sara Oueslati: Orange is running the Akamai Aura Lumen CDN technology, offering the possibility of running CDN and Transparent Caching services over a single platform. Orange CDN strategy is...

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