• Metrological: “We provide an open SDK”

    Thijs Bijleveld,
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, 

    This year’s OTTtv World Summit left us with lots to think about. IP&TV News touched upon a number of the main issues in the course of the following engrossing chinwag with Thijs Bijleveld. IP&TV News: Thijs, hi. How did you find the OTTtv World Summit? Thijs Bijleveld: I think it’s a very interesting conference: it provides a...

  • Special report: Why ISPs need to be thinking more about the future

    Tom Cheesewright, Founder, Book of the Future

    Does the broadband industry need a reality check? Applied futurist Tom Cheesewright thinks… it might. Weeks after chairing a discussion concerning net freedom on Day 3 of the Broadband World Forum 2014 – with a panel including BitTorrent’s Eric Klinke (and others leading reps from “the internet’s far left”) – Cheesewright still sounds slightly stunned by the...

  • Gene Hoffman, Vindicia, at the OTTtv World Summit

    Gene Hoffman

    Could operators be doing more to embrace and monetise OTT services? Vindicia co-founder Gene Hoffman thinks so, and he explained why and how to IP&TV News at the 2014 OTTtv World Summit.

  • Arpad Jordan, Liberty Global, on the UPC Hungry set-top upgrade

    Arpad Jordan

    At the OTTtv World Summit, Liberty Global’s CTO for Central and Eastern Europe Arpad Jordan announced that the company’s Hungarian cable operator UPC Hungary was set to expand its cloud augmented set top box upgrade. Here he expands on the project for IP&TV News.

  • Andrew Chisnall, TalkTalk, at the OTTtv World Summit

    Andrew Chisnall

    IP&TV News talks to TalkTalk’s Andrew Chisnall at the 2014 OTTtv World Summit in London.

  • Simon Homent,, at the OTTtv World Summit

    Simon Homent,

    IP&TV News caught up with Simon Homent, European Head of Content,, at the OTTtv World Summit last week, to find out more about one of Europe’s leading OTT players, as well as its plans for the future.

  • Jim Theberge, Verizon, at the OTTtv World Summit

    Jim Theberge

    IP&TV News caught up with Jim Theberge (Head of Product Management & Sales, Advanced Advertising, Verizon), at the OTTtv World Summit earlier this month, where we discussed Verizon’s approach to programmatic advertising.

  • at800: “The industry could do more to support viewers that rely on DTT”

    Ben Roome,

    Exclusive interview with Ben Roome, CEO of at800, ahead of his recently announced appearance at next week’s Digital TV World Summit  (2-3rd December 2014) at Le Meridien Piccadilly. IP&TV News: Hi Ben – can you begin by telling us about the origins of at800. Who’s involved, and how did it come about? Ben Roome: at800’s...

  • Freesat: “Free-to-air will continue to compete with pay”

    Matthew Huntington, 
Chief Technology Officer, Freesat

    IP&TV News talks to Matthew Huntington, Chief Technology Officer, Freesat… IP&TV News: Has the boom in mobile viewing surprised you? How far do you expect the trend to develop? Matthew Huntington: The appeal of mobile viewing lies in convenience. People love the ability to watch what they want, where they want. However, due to the...

  • Tata Communications: “Any change is an opportunity”

    Aditya Jayaraman, 
Global Head CDN Business,
Tata Communications

    Earlier this month saw a hugely successful TV Connect MENA in Dubai. IP&TV News’ Emma Hosgood was there, and caught up with Tata Communications’ Aditya Jayaraman. Emma Hosgood: In this fast changing ecosystem, how is consumer expectation changing, and what does this mean for operators? Aditya Jayaraman: Today, people want to consume any type of content on any device,...

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