• GSA: “LTE Broadcast is potentially a game changer”

    Alan Hadden,
VP of Research,

    In this exclusive guest post, the Global mobile Suppliers’ Association (GSA) VP of Research Alan Hadden helps us all get up to speed with LTE Broadcast and its uses. What, why and wherefore…. One of the drivers for thinking about LTE Broadcast – or, to use its technical name, eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) – is...

  • Meet Telegraph Hill, the ad agency behind an entire TV series

    Chris Moon

    The day before visiting Telegraph Hill’s East London office, I spent three pounds on the first umbrella I’ve ever bought. The timing couldn’t be better, as I end up making the journey in a real downpour. I think if I’d staggered into Telegraph Hill’s (very nice) Old Street offices looking like a drowned rat, electronics...

  • Sky: “F1 has brought huge innovation over the years”

    Marc Johnson, Live Content Delivery Development Manager, Broadcast Services Operations, Sky

    Marc Johnson has what he calls the “challenging but enjoyable” role of managing the constant changes and improvements that affect delivery and operations of live content for Sky. He is also a recently confirmed TV Connect (28 – 30 April 2015 ExCel, London) keynote, where he will be presenting a case study on Sky’s ground-breaking F1 coverage....

  • Swisscom on the smart home: “Security is a kind of Trojan Horse”

    Gregory Grin, 
Head of Product Development & Operations,
Swisscom Smart Living

    In the second part of a special series celebrating the rise of the smart home and the upcoming Smart Home World (23 – 24 June 2015) in London, IP&TV News interviews Swisscom’s Gregory Grin. IP&TV News: Hi Gregory. We hear you’re going to be doing a keynote at this year’s Smart Home World. What are you going...

  • William Ablondi: 5 consumer trends for the smart home

    William Ablondi

    Guest post from William Ablondi, Director, Smart Home Strategies, Strategy Analytics Strategy Analytics has recently been really digging into different types of features and capabilities common to the smart home marketplace, from controlling thermostats with a smart phone to observing what’s going on in the home with your mobile device. Our findings have definitely reinforced...

  • Philip Mordecai: “CURZON HOME CINEMA is truly unique”

    Philip Mordecai,

    Joanna Jones talks to TV Connect (28 – 30 April 2015 ExCel, London) keynote Philip Mordecai… Joanna Jones: Could you begin by telling us about CURZON HOME CINEMA? Philip Mordecai: CURZON HOME CINEMA has been available to audiences online the UK and Ireland markets since its inception in December 2010.  Via OTT applications, key multichannel affiliate partners and...

  • Telegraph Media Group: “The face of news delivery has completely changed”

    Denise Parkinson

    “It’s amazing working with the film clients. You’ll do a huge red carpet event, you’ll deliver it online, you’ll deliver great numbers, you’ll tie it in with social, you’ll push it out on blogs and YouTube – and they’re still really interested in ‘do you think we can get the front cover of the paper tomorrow?’”...

  • Yew Kuin Cheah: “Copyright laws need to constantly evolve”

    Yew Kuin Cheah

    In a global and connected entertainment market, copyright issues are becoming increasingly important. Ahead of his keynote at  Broadband and TV Connect Asia (12th-13th May 2015, Suntec, Singapore), copyright expert Yew Kuin Cheah explains some of the recent legal developments addressing digital copyright challenges in Singapore and beyond. IP&TV News: Could you explain your professional background in the...

  • Clear Cut Pictures: the effect of 4K on post production

    Max McGonigal,
Managing Director,
Clear Cut Pictures

    Ahead of his appearance at TV Connect (28th – 30th April 2015 ExCel, London), IP&TV News catches up with Max McGonigal about how 4K is changing things for those involved in post-production IP&TV News: Hi Max. For those that don’t know about you, can you begin by introducing us to Clear Cut Pictures? Max McGonigal: Established in...

  • Adidas: “We’re thinking ‘open first’ for all future devices”

    Jon Werner

    For some brands, the effect of digital is so great that it seems to complete the picture – it adds, if you will, a crucial third dimension to what they do. Take Adidas, for example. Previously it just made shoes, sweatbands, socks (and so on). And more or less everything else (the stuff that made...

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