• Beamly: “Our vision is to be the leading social network for TV”

    Jason Forbes

    IP&TV News talks to brand new Beamly CEO (albeit former executive vice president & US managing director) Jason Forbes about the innovative social TV platform’s development and plans. Can you begin by explaining what the vision is behind Beamly? Our vision is to be the leading social and content network for TV, meaning anytime someone wants to immerse...

  • Comcast: “We blend live & On Demand titles in the same results”

    Brian Curtis, 
Senior Director of Product Management, 

    Brian Curtis, Senior Director of Product Management, Comcast, talks to IP&TV News about how the cable giant retains its cutting edge… IP&TV News: What advances has Comcast made over the last year to create a more personalized experience for customers? Brian Curtis: Across our online, mobile, and TV platforms, Comcast has been busy over the...

  • T-Labs: “A Connected TV could act as an STB replacement”

    Oliver Friedrich, 
Senior Expert at Deutsche Telekom, Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)

    IP&TV News gets technical with Cloud  TV expert Oliver Friedrich, Senior Expert at Deutsche Telekom, Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)… IPTV News: How committed is DT to TV in the Cloud? What are the biggest opportunities it perceives here? It is unquestionable that certain elements of our TV production chain will run on virtual infrastructures in the near...

  • Special report: ABN & the future of African broadcasting

    George Twumasi, 
Deputy Chairman and CEO, ABN

    In this special guest post, George Twumasi, the visionary force behind ABN (African Broadcasting Network), looks at the wider significance of African broadcasting, & the role next-gen broadcasting technology can play in the continent’s future.  In the past, Africa’s television broadcasters and media practitioners have had very little influence, if any, in shaping Africa’s image either...

  • NYC Media Lab: “Robotics & A.I. are about to become mainstream”

    Justin Hendrix, 
Executive Director, 
NYC Media Lab

    Exclusive IP&TV News interview with Justin Hendrix, Executive Director, NYC Media Lab. IP&TV News: Hi Justin. NYC Media Lab obviously likes to stay on the cutting edge. From your perspective, what are the most exciting developments currently underway in broadcasting and home entertainment and why? Justin Hendrix: I think we are about to see media...

  • Saatchi & Saatchi: “Google will create the next president”

    Tom Eslinger,
Worldwide Director of Digital and Social,
Saatchi & Saatchi

    Special IP&TV News feature interview Am I alone in finding the following a little bit… scary? Discussing the future of marketing and advertising with Saatchi & Saatchi’s Worldwide Director of Digital and Social Tom Eslinger, I ask precisely where he thinks things are heading in his professional domain… “Superpersonalisation based on data,” he shoots back,...

  • Leo Burnett: “A brand’s message will need to be constantly relevant”

    Ahmad Abu Zannad, 
Head of Strategy, 
Leo Burnett

    IP&TV News talks to Ahmad Abu Zannad, Head of Strategy, Leo Burnett, about next generation advertising… IP&TV News: What are the main ways the connected TV ecosystem has changed the rules of engagement for brands? Ahmad Abu Zannad: The changes in the new ecosystem are having major impacts on the rules of engagement for brands...

  • The Huffington Post: “Video is a linchpin of our growth strategy”

    Yaoshiang Ho, 
VP, Head of Business Development,
The Huffington Post

    As a media organisation, The Huffington Post remains way ahead of the curve – as it has since its emergence almost ten years ago. Today, its innovation is centred on the development of its streaming video arm, where it has showed unstinting commitment and enjoyed significant success. This week IP&TV News spoke to Yaoshiang Ho, Vice...

  • Swisscom: “Customers can enjoy an infinite TV service”

    Volker Dietzel, 
Head of Swisscom TV Development & Technology,

    A quick Q&A with Volker Dietzel, Head of Swisscom TV Development & Technology, ahead of his appearance at this year’s TV in the Cloud Summit (collocated with the CDN World Summit), 1-2 October, 2014, London. IP&TV News: Hi Volker. The question of what Cloud TV actually is persists. Everyone has their own definition! First, what...

  • Ran Harnevo: “AOL is doubling down on OTT and original content.”

    Ran Harnevo, 
President, Video, 

    IP&TV News chats to the esteemed Ran Harnevo about AOL’s video vision… Hi Ran. AOL is now the second biggest OTT provider after YouTube. Can you tell us something about that journey? Two years ago, we set out to make AOL On content available on every OTT device. We were strategic in our approach, and...

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