• Ixonos: “There hasn’t been innovation in TV ads for 50 years”

    Roope Suomalainen, Experience Eagle, 

    Ahead of his appearance at the OTTtv World Summit (17-20 November 2014 Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, UK), IP&TV News talks to Roope Suomalainen about the future of advertising… IP&TV News: How significant do you think the present is to the evolution and advertising and why? Roope Suomalainen: Advertising is globally a huge business: through better advertisements brands...

  • Sky Deutschland: “We changed the way we acquired content”

    Alice Mascia, 
Vice President Strategy, 
Sky Deutschland

    IP&TV News caught up with Alice Mascia, Vice President Strategy, Sky Deutschland, to hear about the genesis of the broadcaster’s hugely successful Snap service. IP&TV News: Hi Alice. Please tell us about the concept of Sky Snap? Alice Mascia: In December 2013, we launched Snap – Sky’s new standalone online media library. It offers more than...

  • Siemens at IBC 2014: “It’s a very cool user experience”

    Stefan Jenzowsky, 
Head of Business Unit Media, 
Siemens Convergence Creators

    Yesterday at IBC, Emma Hosgood caught up with Stefan Jenzowsky (Head of Business Unit Media, Siemens Convergence Creators), to hear more about the freshly launched OTT SWIPE UX as a Service – and see it in action… Emma Hosgood: Can you tell our readers a little bit about your new product? Stefan Jenzowsky: It’s called OTT SWIPE...

  • NRK: “As a market leading broadcaster we know what works”

    Bjarne Myklebust, 
Head of IP Distribution NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corp

    Voted number one in the top 50 VOD professionals in the Nordics, and a true innovator in the OTT space, Bjarne Myklebust (Head of IP Distribution at NRK – the Norwegian Broadcasting Corp) has a real wealth of insight into contemporary broadcasting and OTT. Ahead of his keynote appearance at this year’s OTTtv World Summit, Bjarne...

  • Yahoo! “The smartphone is effectively the African PC”

    Colman Murray,
Vice President African Business Development, Apurimac (YAHOO!)

    Yahoo’s Colman Murray talks to IP&TV News about the growing digital opportunities opening up in African broadcasting. IP&TV News: Where do you see the biggest commercial and creative digital opportunities in Africa? Colman Murray: Our experience in the past three years has been hugely indicative of a wealth of opportunity across the continent. I refer...

  • Anvato: “We must still work to better monetize content”

    Matt Smith, 
Chief Evangelist, 

    So what lies between us and TV 2.0? IP&TV News asked Matt Smith, Chief Evangelist, Anvato. IP&TV News: What are the most stubborn obstacles currently impeding the march of true TV 2.0? Matt Smith: One of the largest challenges we have in the shift to TV 2.0 is in monetization.  While we have built platforms...

  • BuzzFeed: building video for the social web

    Will Hayward, 
Vice President, 

    “The wonderful thing about social is that you can’t trick it,” explains Will Hayward, European VP for viral specialist extraordinaire (and increasingly significant player in online video) BuzzFeed. “When we lived in the era of search, you could trick it. But the era of social is driven by sharing. That means you need to think about...

  • Unruly “It’s a myth that virality is a ‘black swan’ event”

    Sarah Wood, 
Co-Founder & COO, 

    So when is “how do I ensure my video campaign goes viral?” not a stupid question? When you’re asking Sarah Wood, Co-Founder & COO, Unruly… Sarah – what is the secret to a successful social video campaign? As with most marketing secrets, there’s no silver bullet to successful social video – there are multiple data...

  • Freeview: “95% of the most watched programmes are on Freeview”

    Owen Jenkinson, 
Head of Marketing, Freeview

    Is the future of TV free? Owen Jenkinson, Head of Marketing, Freeview, shares his thoughts with IP&TV News. IP&TV News: Hi Owen. What have been the biggest challenges for Freeview over the last year – and how have these been overcome? Apart from operating in a fiercely competitive market segment with big spending competitors, a...

  • Fight Network: “IPTV is the biggest challenge for OTT”

    Atıf Ünaldı, 
VP Turkey, 
Fight Network

    Ahead of his appearance at the OTTtv World Summit, IP&TV News talks second screen with Atıf Ünaldı, VP Turkey, Fight Network. IP&TV News: What do you think are the main effects the second screen has had on media consumption? Atıf Ünaldı: As we all know, approximately 85% of tablet and smartphone users use their device...

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