• Selevision: “Nukodec could revolutionise the sector”

    Dr. Raed Khusheim, 

    IP&TV News talks to Dr. Raed Khusheim, CEO for TV Connect MENA Awards winner Selevision. IP&TV News: I understand Selevision had some success at last this year’s TV Connect MENA Awards. Could you tell us what this was? Antoine Tannous: Earlier this year, another invention by Selevision saw the light. A new game changer –  aptly called Nukodec...

  • Irdeto: “A 4K movie consumes much more bandwidth”

    Godert Burghard

    The OTTtv World Summit kicks off in London this morning, with a day dedicated to 4K, and we have a special Irdeto interview with speaker Godert Burghard for you on the question of 4K content protection. If you were unable to make it today but still want to go later this week, it’s not too late to book. Click...

  • Conax: “Android TV is a very flexible and complex platform”

    Tor Helge Kristiansen,
EVP Principle Architect, Conax

    Phillip Hirons talks Android TV with Tor Helge Kristiansen (EVP Principle Architect, Conax). Tor will be presenting on Android TV the OTTtv World Summit (9th – 12th November 2015 Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London) next week. Phillip Hirons: How disruptive do you expect Android TV to ultimately prove? Is it going to be a game changer? Tor...

  • Irdeto: “Consumer frustration is a driver for piracy”

    Lucas Catranis 
Service Manager, 
Revenue Assurance Services, 

    IP&TV News talks to Lucas Catranis (Service Manager, Revenue Assurance Services Irdeto) about piracy in the MENA region… IP&TV News: Hi Lucas. We know you’re going to be appearing at TV Connect MENA (2-3 November 2015 Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai). What’s Irdeto’s presence in the region like right now? Lucas Catranis: We have a pretty...

  • OSN: “There are digital distribution challenges in the MENA region”

    Medea Nocentini

    OSN is the leading pay-TV network in the MENA region, and TV Connect MENA (2-3 November 2015 Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai) keynote speaker, Medea Nocentini is VP for corporate development, and in charge of strategy, strategy planning, market intelligence, as well as programme management. Here she shares how OSN utilises consumer insight to tailor its next gen offerings… IP&TV...

  • Alpha Networks: “There’s great potential in MENA”

    Dora Voicu, 
Head of Product, 
Alpha Networks

    The MENA region’s premier networking event for the connected entertainment industry, TV Connect MENA, kicks off next week, and we’ll be running a few interview over the remaining couple of days to get everybody ready for it. Here we speak to Dora Voicu (Head of Product, Alpha Networks) about the Alpha Networks and panel she’ll...

  • Facebook, Instagram and Sky case study: Game of Thrones

    Facebook, Instagram and Sky case study: Game of Thrones

    For most companies, products, TV shows, etc., the challenge is to get people talking about them full stop. Indeed, most would probably kill (well, spend a lot of money) to generate the amount of buzz – on social and everywhere else – that HBO’s world famous TV blockbuster Game of Thrones generates as an absolute...

  • ZTE: “It’s about understanding the trends that could impact on Africa”

    Reuven Elmalem, Director IPTV & OTT TV Solutions, 
ZTE Corp

    ZTE’s Reuven Elmalem discusses his upcoming appearance at TV Connect Africa with IP&TV News.. IP&TV News: Hi Reuven. You’re actually based in Paris for ZTE, with responsibility for European IPTV and OTT – yet you’re going to be speaking at TV Connect Africa  (17th – 19th November 2015 Cape Town Convention Centre, South Africa) next month. What’s the...

  • Rovi: “The serendipity of TV discovery has been somewhat lost”

    Charles Dawes, 
Global Strategic Account Director, 
Rovi Corporation

    At the OTTtv World Summit (9th – 12th November 2015 Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London) next month, Rovi’s Charles Dawes will be looking at ‘Dynamic Metadata for Advanced Discovery Solutions’. Here he shares a foretaste of some of his insights… IP&TV News: Rovi has been talking about the power of personalisation for a while now. Would...

  • Nagra: “All Africa benefits from DTT platforms that serve both public and private interests”

    Christopher Schouten, Senior Director of Product Marketing, 

    IP&TV News talks digital switchover and more with Nagra’s Christopher Schouten… IP&TV News: Christopher you’ll be appearing at TV Connect Africa 2015. How is Nagra involved in the question of digital switchover in Africa? Christopher Schouten: We’ve been working for a very long time in Africa to advocate that digital switchover make considerations for the possibility to...

Facebook, Instagram and Sky case study: Game of Thrones

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