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    Modern Times Group: “The AVOD business is here to stay”

    Alireza Tajbakhsh, 
Director xPlay, MTGx, Modern Times Group
    IP&TV News talk Ad-supported VOD with Alireza Tajbakhsh, Director xPlay, MTGx, Modern Times Group… IP&TV News: Hi Alireza. Could you begin by telling us about the present state of Ad-supported VOD? Alireza Tajbakhsh: AVOD is growing and although the business model has been around for a few years, I now see a massive growth in traffic in...
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    Telefonica Digital: “It feels like we are at a crossroads”

    Martin Harriman, 
Digital Home Director, Telefonica Digital
    Martin Harriman, Digital Home Director, Telefonica Digital, tackles the fourth round of questions in our interview series in advance the Digital Home World Summit… IP&TV News: Hi Martin. If I could start with a general question – could you tell us a bit about how you foresee the interaction between the digital home and connected...
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    e-labs Bouygues: “five years from now, new services will pepper our daily lives”

    Vince Maret, 
Energy Director, 
e-lab Bouygues
    There’s no question in IP&TV News’s mind that the IoT is set to change the world in the next few years, a conviction our series of interviews on the related realm of the digital home (in anticipation of June’s Digital Home World Summit) has helped highlight. This latest instalment is somewhat different, and takes us out...

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