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    Comcast: “We blend live & On Demand titles in the same results”

    Brian Curtis, 
Senior Director of Product Management, 
    Brian Curtis, Senior Director of Product Management, Comcast, talks to IP&TV News about how the cable giant retains its cutting edge… IP&TV News: What advances has Comcast made over the last year to create a more personalized experience for customers? Brian Curtis: Across our online, mobile, and TV platforms, Comcast has been busy over the...
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    NYC Media Lab: “Robotics & A.I. are about to become mainstream”

    Justin Hendrix, 
Executive Director, 
NYC Media Lab
    Exclusive IP&TV News interview with Justin Hendrix, Executive Director, NYC Media Lab. IP&TV News: Hi Justin. NYC Media Lab obviously likes to stay on the cutting edge. From your perspective, what are the most exciting developments currently underway in broadcasting and home entertainment and why? Justin Hendrix: I think we are about to see media...
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    Showtime: “The truly big ideas haven’t even been conceived of yet”

    David Preisman, 
VP Interactive Television, Showtime Networks
    When it comes to interactive TV and the cutting edge, David Preisman (VP Interactive Television, Showtime Networks) has an extraordinary amount of insight and experience – as the following fascinating interview with IP&TV News amply demonstrates… Hi David. You’ve been working on interactive TV projects for a long time. Have we seen any especially significant developments in...

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