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Q&A with Verimatrix

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We chat exclusively with Verimatrix President: Steve Oetegenn

1. For our readers who aren’t aware, can you provide an overview of the projects Verimatrix are involved with?

Verimatrix has been securing pay-TV networks for more than 12 years, and started in IPTV. Within IcPTV, we have some of the largest pay TV customers in Europe, such as Belgacom, Swisscom, Com Hem and TeliaSonera. Globally we are currently deployed with more than 850 customers and very strong in markets including: Vietnam, Indonesia and Latin America. In North America, we are the leading revenue security provider in the independent carrier space and we have a number of deployments with Tier one cable operators.

2. What are the things that excite you about the evolving connected TV market?

The evolving connected TV Market has fuelled a massive growth in the proliferation of interactive TV services. Virtually 90% of pay TV services have some form of return path, meaning that there is the ability for the end user device to communicate with the pay-TV head-end. That enables a huge amount of value-added services that were not available to customers before. But equally as important, it enables a much more granular approach to the security of the service; operators can actually respond to threats to their service as they evolve in real time – if they have a software only solution. With our expertise in IP-based security, we help place operators in a better position to launch innovative and interactive services, like UHD services for example.

3. In a world where everyone is moving into everyone else’s space, businesses are having to redefine their offerings to remain competitive in the short and long term. How is Verimatrix meeting this challenge?

Verimatrix has not redefined our product offering, but rather enhanced and extended it. We are and always have been the specialist in protecting and enhancing revenue for our customers. We have built the solution from the ground up on a very secure foundation of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System or VCAS. The most current generation of this is VCAS Ultra. From this base, we are layering enhanced secure offerings for our customers.

For example, we have developed the Verspective Intelligence Center, which is our cloud-based security platform that optimises VCAS configurations, performance and threat resilience. It also acts as the foundation for data aggregation and supports a wide variety of analysis and visualisation tools through our analytics partners such as Genius Digital and ThinkAnalytics. We’ve been able to build some very interesting, granular analytics capabilities for our operators.

We’re not moving away from our core competency, which is securing our operator’s revenues and customer’s data – we’re actually enhancing that.


4. What did Verimatrix present at this year’s TV Connect event? 

We highlighted our Verspective Intelligence Center and Verspective Operator Analytics solution, which is our first commercial analytics product that offers a suite of subscriber intelligence tools based on not only VOD and CDN performance data, but also device-level data for a more comprehensive view of an operator’s service. In fact, we have already signed up the first trial customers.

We also presented VCAS Ultra, which is our next-generation revenue security solution that is designed to fully meet the MovieLabs requirements for the carriage of Ultra HD Content and support what we call the “three pillars” of UHD content security.

Also on display was our MultiRights solution, which is something that Verimatrix invented six years ago as we saw the emergence of fragmentation in the DRM market and a siloed approach from certain browser vendors in the DRM space. We rose to the challenge to deliver a solution that unravels the complexity of multi-DRM for our customers and enables them to stay ahead of the curve.

5. What are your forecasts / predications for the rest of 2016 in the connected TV space?

It’s growing exponentially and we’re in a good position to capitalise on this. I think the market itself will continue to experience consolidation, both in the vendor space and operator space, and we will see bigger geographically distributed operators that will want to consolidate their services. That’s why we believe the Verpective Intelligence Center is a great way for operators that are operating across multiple geographies to get a holistic view of all of their security solutions while at the same time gaining access to valuable analytics data in a highly secure fashion.

Vanessa Subron is a freelance writer for IPTV News

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