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IP&TV News speaks exclusively with Simon Trudelle (STR), Senior Director of Product Marketing at NAGRA ahead of TV Connect London. 

For our readers who aren’t aware, can you provide an overview of what NAGRA offers in the connected TV space?

STR: NAGRA is the digital TV division of the Kudelski Group and we provide security and multiscreen user experience solutions for the monetization of digital media.  We work with content providers and DTV operators worldwide to deliver secure, open and integrated platforms and applications over broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms, enabling compelling and personalized viewing experiences.  NAGRA has over 25 years of experience in the pay-TV industry and has led the transition to connected TV with innovative multiscreen technology (MediaLive and anyCAST products) now deployed at over 20 top tier customers worldwide.

What do you think the future of connected TV user experience looks like?

STR: Our keynote presentation on Multiscreen TV evolution:  is the future made of channels or apps?” will touch upon our vision of where TV is headed.  In a nutshell, and this is best illustrated by our IntuiTV product line we are launching at TV Connect, it is all about the user experience when accessing and consuming content.  For the viewer, it’s about being exposed to new relevant content, whatever the source, while also easily finding the content he or she wants at a given time, so that everyone can enjoy the content they love.

Broadcast (or multicast in IP language) will not disappear and top channels, as the past decade has proven, will retain a significant share of video viewing.  What matters is how linear and on-demand content, from catch-up TV to SVOD apps, short form to long form, is smartly integrated into a converged TV user experience on the big screen and across other portable screens, allowing for seamless and intuitive consumption at home or on the go.  This is a challenge for pay-TV service providers, and that’s why we have developed a new device as well as a set of cloud-enabled products and services to help them stay successful in an increasingly competitive market.


What is NAGRA presenting at this year’s TV Connect event?

STR:  we are doing the European launch of IntuiTV at TV Connect, demonstrating that the future of television is in fact television!  This sounds like a cliché yet IntuiTV shows how pay-TV service providers can reach a new generation of viewers while delighting current subscribers through an elegantly simple, all-in-one and enjoyable 4K TV viewing experience.

The award-winning intuiTV solution is offered as a managed cloud-based platform and can be configured with a full line-up of premium content and advanced TV services featuring live TV, VOD, SVOD services (like Netflix and YouTube), PVR/nPVR, social TV and other standard TV features such as search and recommendation (including voice), all accessible via an innovative streaming device, ‘swipe-to-tune’ user interface and a contextual, programmable e-ink remote control.

What can TV Connect attendees expect from NAGRA at TV Connect 2016?

STR: This year, in addition to our keynote address, our IntuiTV announcement, and our successful nominations for the TV Connect awards (we have 4 products nominated!), we also want to open the conversation with service providers that are looking for market-proven, ready-to-deploy multiscreen TV solutions for a converged multi-network and multi-device world.  So we have reserved a comfortable VIP Lounge (Booth C) on the show floor to engage into a first exchange with prospects, with the aim to better understand their business and technical challenges as well as their development plans. We expect this will naturally lead to successful solution deployments in the months to come, as time-to-market is definitely, more than ever, a key requirement.

What are your forecasts / predications for the rest of 2016 in the connected TV space?

STR: Our industry is clearly under new pressure to accelerate its “digital” transformation and keep up with the relentless innovation pace imposed by the “Silicon Giants”. Pay-TV service providers have constantly evolved their offerings, products and roadmaps to stay successful, yet a new phase is starting, forcing the definition of an updated agenda and roadmap.

To help them with this process, TV Connect London will also mark the second edition of the Pay-TV Innovation Forum, an exclusive seminar series designed in partnership with research firm MTM that looks into the opportunities, trends and challenges that service providers face in the constantly evolving pay-TV market and draws on the expertise of senior industry participants to identify the winning strategies, products and services that will drive the next phase of growth for pay-TV over the next 3 years.

The results of this research program will be communicated over a regional Webinar and paper series during the course of the year. More information on


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