Ljupco Jorguseski: “3GPP is working on the so-called single-cell multicast”

Ljupco Jorguseski

Ljupco Jorguseski

IP&TV News talks to Content Delivery World keynote Ljupco Jorguseski (Senior Consultant TNO ICT)

IP&TV News: Bring us up to date with regards to LTE Broadcast. Where do things stand, as against, say, this time last year?

Ljupco Jorguseski: From deployment/commercial point of view it seems that LTE broadcast is at the same level as one year before.

On the technology side, 3GPP is working on the so-called single-cell multicast/broadcast that enables efficient broadcast/multicast within one cell.

What use cases are creating the most interest at present? Are any new ones emerging?

The classical use case at sport arenas/stadiums and large events that can be pre-planned are still gaining the most interest. Some other interesting use cases are presented in TNO’s white paper.

What kind of impact do you expect LTE Broadcast to have on alleviating the consequences of mobile video growth?

If the consumption of mobile video remains highly individualized and the existing business models do not change then LTE Broadcast will have limited impact on alleviating the mobile video growth. Consuming the same video content by a significantly large group of users combined with a confined area and/or limited period of the day including subscription incentives are significant prerequisites to utilize LTE Broadcast.

How about delivery models more generally?

In TNO’s view the delivery models can range from LTE Broadcast features integrated in MNOs service portfolio, bilateral (or multilateral) agreement between MNOs and content service providers, and a dedicated LTE Broadcast network, to an increased level of independence from the MNO.

What’s the motivation for attending Content Delivery World?

It is a great opportunity to share TNO’s views and expertise on LTE broadcast, check the technology status, investigate the needs and exchange experiences with all stakeholders.

Ljupco Jorguseski will be discussing ‘LTE broadcast technology status, use cases and delivery models’ at this year’s Content Delivery World (5th – 7th October, Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, 2015)

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