Friendly Technologies: “The actual smart home solutions can emerge within one year”

Internet of Things World

Internet of Things World

IP&TV News’ Joanna Jones talks the smart home with Ilan Migdal, CEO, Friendly Technologies, ahead of his appearance at next month’s  Internet of Things World Europe (5 – 7 October 2015 Maritim proArte, Berlin).

Joanna Jones: How far are we at present from an actual, integrated smart home?

Ilan Migdal: Currently, most smart home solutions on the market are proprietary. A standardization is needed for an actual integrated solution. With the big carriers and service providers putting a stress on device and software manufacturers, the actual, integrated and mature solutions can emerge within one year.

What is the importance of standardization for IoT/Smart Home market?

At the moment, it seems like most solutions on the market are proprietary, with solution providers routing for directions that are convenient for each specific provider. There are attempts of creating dependency by use of specific proprietary protocols, solutions and devices. The competition is growing – large carriers and service providers prefer not to be dependent on proprietary solutions.

I believe that they will adopt the “Best of Breed” approach which will demand standard components from different vendors to create an end-to-end solution. The solution will be comprised of devices, sensors and hubs from various manufacturers, being able to connect to each other via standard-based management platforms. Most probably, the solutions will be carrier/service provider branded. We see this scenario happening in a market after market and I strongly believe that a smart home/ IoT market is going to adopt it as well. In order for this to happen, a standardization process must be completed. We believe it is a long process that requires large carriers and service providers to put a pressure on device and software manufacturers to align to the chosen standard.

There’s a massive emphasis presently on security as the main way of getting people to put their toe in the water – where do you stand on this emphasis?

I fully agree.  Security is one of the basic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy.  Any supplier/provider satisfying the most basic human needs has a high chance of fast entry and capture of the market.

How do you engage those for whom home security is relatively unimportant? What interesting new use cases do you see emerging?

There are other needs that are extremely important to future smart home users – watching and guarding children, caring for elderly and sick – and making sure that they are alright.

Secondly, all the sensors of smart metering that help prevent disasters are also extremely important to the users. Another important application of the smart home is money saving by means of utilizing energy meters for economical use utilities (power, water, gas etc.)

You’re appearing at Internet of Things World Europe (5 – 7 October 2015 Maritim proArte, Berlin). What’s the advantage of attending an event attended by representatives from so many different IoT verticals?

There are numerous companies specializing in many different fields related to smart home. Until now, those companies weren’t necessarily exposed to all the IoT verticals. This event is a great opportunity for smaller companies, planning to enter IoT/Smart Home market, to get the feel of the market, and realize the potential that hasn’t existed before.   Companies belonging  IoT/Smart Home ecosystem can getter a better understanding of how their solutions should be marketed, on which standards they should be based, and how to reach a better capture of this currently evolving market.

Ilan will be discussing ‘Overcoming the challenges of Integrating a full home service’ at next month’s  Internet of Things World Europe (5 – 7 October 2015 Maritim proArte, Berlin)


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