Norigin Media: “Long tail content can be moved to the cloud”

Ajey Anand,  CEO,  Norigin Media

Ajey Anand,
Norigin Media

Chris Read talks to Ajey Anand CEO at Norigin Media, about what the cloud can do for live broadcasting…

Chris Read: What can the cloud offer on the live TV side of things?

Ajey Anand: Every aspect of live TV can be managed within a cloud architecture. Infrastructure for OTT services has evolved slowly, but in the right direction. It’s all still new in 2015, but it is reliable and more importantly elastically scalable. The use of public clouds for this purpose is however not the best option as it doesn’t scale – both cost-wise as well as the support levels. This is possibly a big reason for Netflix not wanting to have any live streaming on their public cloud architecture. We believe that a managed private cloud is the best option for running live cloud headends.

Downlinking satellites signals & capturing IP feeds globally is more flexible today than it was a decade ago. Companies that have invested in this are unfortunately still milking the old architectures but the cloud will certainly help make things more efficient soon.

Live events like sports, news and concerts do not need to invest heavily in infrastructure, but use the cloud and pay only for what is used. This makes the business case for many players easy. Opposing most views in the industry, feels it’s a joke for anyone to state Live TV has no future.

What’s stopping operators taking advantages of these benefits?

Trust issues:  Any conventional method needs time to change. Creative business models would hopefully entice operators or broadcasters to evaluate the new cloud options.

At this point everyone is investing a lot into new OTT services and there is more money to spend than save. Time will tell the operators to take advantage of the cloud, for sure. Disaster recovery and long tail channels are the way to test it out for the pay-TV Operators. I also feel there are not many operators making live events important enough in their OTT packages, which is a very good case to use cloud infrastructure only when they need it.

Enter, right? Tell us a bit more about this?

Live TV requires a bit more work to setup, but only initially. There are many similar solutions but they miss aspects like Satellite Downlinking, global IP capture, geo-redundancies, 24/7 support and all of this in a transparent cost and business model.  We´d like to offer all headend and origin or pre-CDN architecture for linear content.

We want to convince the operators and OTT service providers that long tail content can be moved to the cloud now to reduce costs, if not anything else. Time will convince them of all other benefits of scalability, testing new formats and stability. Partnering with DRM and IP contribution feed providers allows us to protect premium content and access it from anywhere in the world with broadcast-grade quality.

Norigin seems very busy at the moment, how does the fit into its overall strategy? caters to a part of the value chain of OTT services where we capture and format linear TV content before CDN distribution. The product also offers Live Event-based encoding to enterprise customers, live sporting events and concerts that need broadcast grade capture and multi-screen transcoding services.

Norigins other flagship product, the Hybrid Apps, caters to the other end of the same value chain. We have worked extensively with pay-TV operators and now with the broadcasters. Both these products are cloud based which is the core of our thinking.

Our current growth strategy is on the product side, to offer scalable, yet premium quality products for the exploding OTT market. There will be a cloud element to all our products. I can’t wait to tell you about what’s next.


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