Amdocs: “No-one was offering an end to end smart home solution”

Michel Arrede,  Head of Marketing,  Amdocs Connected Home

Michel Arrede,
Head of Marketing,
Amdocs Connected Home

Smart Home World (23 – 24 June 2015, London) is looking like the place to go for those looking to anticipate and influence the development of the connected home in Europe…

IP&TV News has already interviewed speakers from the likes of Samsung, Swisscom and Strategy Analytics, and today’s exclusive chat with Amdocs’ Michel Arrede provides another insightful contribution to a pivotal debate.

IP&TV News: Before we get on to Amdocs’ new smart home solution, can you tell us a bit about what led to it?

Michel Arrede: When we talk about connected home or smart home, there are several industry verticals that are involved. There is security and safety, there is automation, there is energy and there is multimedia and health. We started by addressing the telecom service providers market with an open platform approach, mainly delivering value around home automation and energy management. At the time a self-installed and self-monitored approach was privileged – but we didn’t succeed.

What do you think went wrong with this earlier effort?

At Amdocs, our customers are the telecom service providers. We stepped back and asked ourselves: ‘Why are the telcos not succeeding in this area, at least in Europe?’ We found out that there are a few operational challenges preventing efficient go-to-market such as hardware supply chain management, call centres, and local services including installation and monitoring… Various pieces of a full solution were out there, but no single vendor was offering an end to end solution including hardware, software and services.

So how have you addressed these challenges this time around?

First we recognized that security is a mature industry where, for years, consumers have been willing to pay on a monthly basis. We have set up a partnership with a market leading security service provider. We haven’t publicly named them yet, but the agreement is signed and we are now deploying our Amdocs Connected Home solution in several countries. In addition, we are packaging a white label end to end solution specifically designed for telecom service provider, our primary market.

By selecting our offering telecom service providers will reduce the risks associated in deploying such a service and will be able to offer to their residential market a mix of self or professionally monitored interactive home security experiences, enhanced with video monitoring, home automation and energy monitoring capabilities.

This offering will support their revenue growth objectives by helping them to acquire new subscribers with an average monthly ARPU of about $10 to $15. It will also support their stickiness objectives by selling, deploying and maintaining 12 to 36 months smart security contract with connected home kits physically installed in the home.

Tell us a bit more about the solution itself…

Sure. Unlike any other smaller companies who provide incomplete solutions with limited back-office functionalities, we provide an end to end white label solution including local services such as professional installation and alarm monitoring, a 24×7 managed cloud environment, customizable mobile apps capabilities, the richest set of home security and automation next gen panels and devices with full supply chain management.

Delivered with a standalone light back-office to quickly test the market, the solution has been designed from day one to integrate with existing OSS, BSS and CRM systems enabling effective delivery of multiple plays bundles through unique end-to-end service lifecycle management features.

This joint market proposition is delivered by two financially strong companies, combining their clear and respective strengths, meaning home security and managed cloud software integrated with telecom service providers’ back office.

And why attend Smart Home World?

There are not many conferences in Europe really focussed on this specific area. Smart Home World is a way of gathering together different types of players from different industries, enabling us to see how we can build new solutions to enhance the customers’ lives

Amdocs will be at this year’s Smart Home World (23 – 24 June 2015, London)


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