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Philip Mordecai: “CURZON HOME CINEMA is truly unique”

Philip Mordecai, Director CURZON HOME CINEMA

Philip Mordecai,

Joanna Jones talks to TV Connect (28 – 30 April 2015 ExCel, London) keynote Philip Mordecai

Joanna Jones: Could you begin by telling us about CURZON HOME CINEMA?

Philip Mordecai: CURZON HOME CINEMA has been available to audiences online the UK and Ireland markets since its inception in December 2010.  Via OTT applications, key multichannel affiliate partners and Internet connected devices CURZON provides an unmatched virtual venue that showcases the very best in new quality independent and world cinema content.

As one of the leading independent Cinema groups in Europe CURZON is acknowledged as being a true custodian of curated film.  Via the home cinema experience not only can more people experience cinema at home (via day and date) but also have a more curated engaging experience.

What unique space does this service fill in current VOD?

CURZON HOME CINEMA is truly unique.  We offer a trusted real cinema and curated film experience in a design environment provided by a real cinema company.

What about content partnerships? Does the nature of your selection require different approaches to some of the other more mainstream OTTs?

Absolutely yes.  Everything we do is curated and this impacts our content selection, partner selection and marketing activities.  Our customers expect a difference and the new customers who engage with us notice the difference.  Independent and World Cinema is in demand and not a niche proposition any longer!

We have many content and affiliate partners at CURZON HOME CINEMA but of course CURZON ARTIFICIAL EYE is a very important part of our DNA.

Where do you ultimately want to take Curzon Home Cinema? What’s the current extent of its ambition?

I want to make CURZON HOME CINEMA available right across the UK and Ireland without any technical or platform limitations. It essentially is designed to sit alongside the CURZON cinema estate across the nation and offer CURZON to anyone anywhere.  With our countless long term strategic partnerships at various parts of the group value chain, the audience development of CURZON HOME CINEMA is fast growing. Now more people than ever are now watching curated quality award winning content at either a beautiful CURZON venue or via the virtual home cinema venue.

The CURZON group is very ambitious in both the medium and long term across the cinema and content businesses.  The digital momentum from both internal and external is vast and the group is now seen probably as one of the global preeminent force in simultaneous day and date releasing.

Would you say that, in general, we’re seeing more diversification in OTT? How do you see this trend developing in the coming years?

Yes most certainly as brands look to further engage and own audience at various (new) parts of the value chain.  In the next 5-10 years I see many more brands looking to OTT for marketing and income opportunities.  In parallel to this I expect the market to reset and as a result some OTT players and suppliers to sadly cease.

You’ll be at this year’s TV Connect, we understand. What do you think the big themes will be at this year’s event?

I think that there will be two interesting topics at TV Connect this year 1) Consumer ownership and the various new direct to consumer OTT offerings that entered the market 2) Audience development utilising technology .

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