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ipidi tv: African TV Grows Up

Ryan Solovei CEO ipidi tv

Ryan Solovei CEO ipidi tv

Guest post from Ryan Solovei CEO ipidi tv, who will be appearing at this year’s AfricaCast, the premier show on the future of broadcasting. Click here for booking and more info..

How it used to be….

“This show is old, this movie’s been repeated 100 times, there’s nothing I enjoy on TV” Sound familiar? Well, there are a few reasons for this.

In recent times the major broadcasters have dictated the time and type of show that could be watched.  This leaves us with no alternative but to accept the content they want us to watch, or switch off.

We started out with a limited number of free-to-air TV channels, and eventually progressed to MNET and DSTV.  But these services are only available to those who could afford the hefty monthly subscription fee.

By the end of 2013, the African video on demand (VoD) market was heating up. Almost everyone in the African audiovisual and telecoms sectors has heard of iROKOtv (the “Netflix of Nollywood”), BoxOffice by Dstv or YouTube’s growth on the continent, but was the future of the African VoD segment’s growth online, via satellite or mobile?

Outside of Africa, Netflix managed to tackle the TV giants and take their share of viewers from traditional TV. But African audiences don’t have Netflix unless they’re tech savvy and can do it through some kind of international VPN.

So, because there has not been a legal platform available in Africa, for many years “pirated” content has been out only option (in a booming black market), only because we have never had an opportunity to pay for original content

How it is now…

However, a new, simple way of watching television is emerging tailored to the needs and desires of consumers.

With multimedia digital convergence, the multiplication of TV channels, and better access to faster broadband internet services, we are asking for more than traditional linear TV services. More than ever, we want to manage our own viewing time.

Things are changing. The internet is an unending source of content, where almost anyone can spend hours browsing through social media networks and other content sites.  This new way of consuming information opens doors to absolutely anything you’re looking for. This naturally leads viewers to wonder, ‘why on earth would I accept being told what I can watch and where I can watch it?’

Africans today can consume content in so many different ways – except for one… consuming content legitimately online.

Available across Africa in 2015….

At ipidi tv, we believe we can provide a uniquely African solution to consumers, as well as to telcos and ISPs. For the first time in Africa, ipidi tv has developed a service that can deliver the luxury of Video on Demand on a pay-as-you-go, or all-you-can-eat basis showing African TV, content and films. It is an offering that we have waited too long to enjoy.

AfricaCast (11th-13th November 2014 Cape Town) is the premier show on the future of broadcasting. Click here for booking and more info.

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