TP Vision: “UHD content will be available on smart TVs first”

Albert Mombarg,  Head of Smart TV,  TP Vision

Albert Mombarg,
Head of Smart TV,
TP Vision

How does the horizon look for the smart TV? IP&TV News asks Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV, TP Vision…

IP&TV News: Looking at the development of smart TV adoption over the last few years, has their rise been as fast anticipated or not?

Albert Mombarg: Current adoption is pretty much as we predicted – high to very high in the Northern part of Europe and Russia. Yet we expect an upward trend, now that well-known operating systems such as Android are coming in to TV, this will boost adoption significantly.

How can HD and UHD content strengthen the smart TV proposition?

There is an abundance of content in premium quality (HD and UHD) available on the Internet already today. Think of Cloud TV channels, special interest, sports content, etc. It’s hard for the content owners and producers to get this content aired with broadcasters, so lots of them have started distributing it over the Internet. Smart TVs are perfectly catered to view this content Over-the-Top, and in the quality it is intended to be shown, so not scaled down to fit a smaller screen.

And how significant do you think the smart TV will be to the proliferation of UHD?

If you look at UHD content distribution… broadcast will take at least a year (or two), physical disk (BluRay) is still in a format battle, so what other perfect place is there than to stream or download to a smart TV?

Secondly, the VOD providers and broadcasters want to experiment with high quality content offerings, before making the significant investments to make their back-end UHD ready. So, in short, UHD content will be available on smart TVs first, and they will continue to allow any content provider to share their UHD content direct to consumer.

What other areas do you expect to drive the smart TV proposition?

Gaming will be a key theme for smart TVs going forward. The platforms are as performant as a tablet, and with the adoption of well-known operating systems such as Android, game developers have embraced Smart TVs as gaming platform.

What topics do you think will dominate conversations at this year’s Digital TV World Summit?

Clearly UHD will be a key theme, especially given the format battle going on with regards to content codecs and encryption. Yet I also expect a ‘revival’ of the Cloud TV, or OTT TV to come back in. It was hot a few years ago, then it went away. With the smart TV penetration growing this fast, I see a growing interest in Cloud TV.

Albert Mombarg will be appearing at the Digital TV World Summit (2-3 December, London)  – click here for booking and more info. 

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