Watson: “TV is becoming increasingly mobile and personal”

Mathias Norrback,  CEO,  Watson

Mathias Norrback,

Another interview to further whet appetites in advance of this week’s CDN World Summit/ TV in the Cloud Summit, this time with with Watson CEO Mathias Norrback…

IP&TV News: What are the respective strengths of the different available distribution forms?

Mathias Norrback: The traditional distribution form’s strengths are in the distribution of HD or 4K content to large simultaneous audiences, while OTT’s strengths are multiscreen and mobility, on demand and dynamic ways to promote content to the customer.

Do forms such as DVB-C/T and OTT have to be seen as competing options?              

Actually they should be seen as supporting each other as one’s strength is the other’s weakness. As we see it, neither of these are superior to the other. They are just different, and a good enough combination of both forms’ strength is the most competitive solution.

How do you combine traditional and more contemporary distribution forms?

We have developed our IPTV middleware solution, giving it the capability to show content from several sources in the same user interface. We have also extended the encryption system, to support, for instance, DVB-T, IPTV and OTT using the same encryption solution. This makes it possible to deliver almost any content on demand, and utilizing the best distribution form, depending on the context.

How is consumer behaviour and demand changing and how do think operators should respond to these changes?

TV is becoming increasingly mobile and personal – customers want to be able to watch TV when they want and wherever they are. This has been obvious for some time: they only need easy access to their favourite content. Operators should offer their customers the possibility to do so, by combining traditional TV with OTT. One thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is that quality is essential. Not only picture quality, but also the quality of the user experience in general and of the content itself.

What major innovations can Watson offer the TV in the cloud ecosystem?

We think that our concept is the most important innovation. None of the technical solutions that we use is really unique – it is how we combine them to create a superior product which brings significant customer value.

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