Norigin: “Content security is the biggest concern”

Ajey Anand,  Co-founder, Norigin Media

Ajey Anand,
Norigin Media

The co-located CDN World Summit/TV in the Cloud Summit events kick off today in London (the conference itself begins tomorrow). Norigin will be amongst those present and participating. IP&TV News catches up with Norigin’s Ajey Anand, to find out more…

IP&TV News: Hi Ajey. I wonder if you could give us an overview of Norigin’s involvement at this year’s CDN World Summit?

Ajey Anand: Norigin partners with CDNs to distribute the Live TV content we host and encode it in the cloud. We have had a Scandinavian focus so far, and here at the CDN World Summit, we start our expansion plans to Europe and beyond. We have partnered with companies which support IP Contribution feeds, allowing us to capture Live TV feeds from across the world. Our cloud encoding rig will now be capable of serving a global market.

Since we are also offering Live Event-based encoding, the CDN World Summit is the right place to start marketing our sector-agnostic product.

And could you tell us more about Norigin’s Live TV hosting in the cloud?

Norigin have provided Live-TV cloud encoding for many years now. Managing linear channels in the cloud is a bit complex due to high levels of constant support required by premium services alongside custom integrations for capturing channels.

The Norigin Cloud TV platform is flexible, to capture a multitude of live channels from satellites or IP-feeds at our data centres, and now even terrestrial or remotely available channels, with the help our IP Contribution partners.  The unique business model for live encoding sets us apart due to the time-based or event-based billing we offer through the platform along with 24/7 support. Our customers are normally linear channels, broadcasters or pay-TV operators. Now, we can also offer such a premium service to a local event which requires a couple of hours of encoding, or a corporate/media customer who needs to stream a monthly live board meeting.  The pay-as-you-go business model is as low as $ 100 an hour and is reduced further for bulk buys. This just makes professional live encoding possible for shorter requirements.

We also offer an online event scheduler for the live encoding service which gives our customers full control of the systems and booked capacity.

What innovation does this development offer to the Cloud TV ecosystem?

Live TV cloud encoding is not rocket science but needs attention due to the complexity of increasing costs if not managed well. We provide the entire value chain for Live TV formatting and delivery along with some of our partners like Thomson Video Encoding and Octoshape. We are offering DRM, HD and Live monitoring service features, which are all innovatively managed within the cloud architecture. This is an achievement in finally bringing a long spoken theory of Cloud TV to a practical existence. We have many media companies in Scandinavia as well as large operators like Telenor and Deutsche Telekom who use this capacity today.

And what do you think the most significant areas are in the evolution of full TV in the cloud – in terms of challenges and opportunities?

Trust is the main issue. From the service providers’ side, it’s about trusting the stability and control which private clouds like ours can offer. From the content providers’ side, content security is needless to say the biggest concern as well as following legal restrictions of where it’s hosted. This is a challenge that is well managed by a private cloud like Norigin’s.

The opportunity lies in the expansion of private clouds to offer scalable Live TV related cloud products (much like how the Amazons and Azures have succeeded on VOD hosting).

Finally, what hot topics do you expect to dominate this year’s CDN World Summit?

The biggest topic for us is to see how close the deployed pay-TV or broadcaster services are to using Cloud TV. We are eager to hear from the pay-TV operators if they have actually seen Cloud TV services as a viable option for them in 2014.

While the CDNs have nicely transitioned the distribution part of the digital TV value chain to the cloud, we are still awaiting the rest, including head-end, STBs, and other hybrid models that make Cloud TV a reality.

Click for more info on the CDN World Summit/TV in the Cloud Summit (30th September – 2nd October 2014, Thistle Marble Arch, London) 

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