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NORIGIN MEDIA: Why use cloud based solutions for live TV?

Jussi Komonen,  Chief Operating Officer, NORIGIN MEDIA

Jussi Komonen,
Chief Operating Officer, NORIGIN MEDIA

Guest post by Jussi Komonen, Chief Operating Officer, NORIGIN MEDIA

Content providers, producers and owners are facing a growing challenge in bringing their live content to the grasp of an ever growing and more demanding TV audience. In addition to the plethora of OTT services with VoD offering, live events and TV channels have an increasingly important role in the fight for consumer attention. According to Parks Associates, 27% of 103 million pay-TV subscribers in the US are interested in TV Everywhere services.

Managing and developing online video platforms is not a trivial task. Many OVPs today offer VOD content hosting and we can see them having mastered the operations, infrastructure and commercial models, which makes the business fruitful. With live TV there is new breed of challenges to be overcome. Some of the challenges include dedicated infrastructure required for each channel and highly specialised operational organisation, which may need to be scaled for the broadcasting needs outside of business hours.

Service providers and operators are not willing to risk brand and customer loyalty due to potentially unstable and poorly performing service platforms. Users are becoming increasingly demanding, and it has become unacceptable for online video services to have blocky video and occasional loss of service. We have captured and hosted live channels and events including the Bundesliga for many years for the likes of Deutsche Telekom in Germany. They have always expected broadcast grade quality across the streaming platform, which we host in the cloud. While it has been arduous, we have proven that it is possible to have a picture perfect cloud TV platform for live channels with premium content.

How can the challenge of producing live TV to multiscreen services be overcome?

Some companies may choose to develop their own platforms and make significant investments into required technology, but in doing so, they accept the challenge of keeping the systems updated in respect to formats, codes, content protection and more. They also would have to consider hiring engineers, training them and maintaining a growing organisation that can handle 24/7 service needs which is synonymous with the operations of premium live TV delivery. Catering to these requirements is easier said than done.  Not many businesses would be able to bear these costs with a smile! Even if they would, why invest so much in something, which most likely, is not a core part of the business?  For those who do not have the means, or do not see the necessity to build such platforms or organisations – a cloud based, hosted live signal capture and transcoding head-end service is the answer, eliminating any sort of concern. Integrated with leading CDN providers for regional and global delivery, the platform allows service providers to offer a completely cloud based solution with better end-result, simply due to improved ROI.

A cloud based live TV head-end caters to all live video encoding needs, whether a local sports event feed is distributed or a Live TV channel is simulcasted. Some of the benefits of the hosted service include 24/7 professional support, access to an experienced organisation who are familiar with the most complex of the live TV delivery challenges, flexible usage based billing, low entry cost and quick time to market.

A well thought through and proven cloud-based transcoding platform provides an easy to use and intuitive portal for managing of the encoding processes without specialized training or detailed knowledge about online video technologies.

For content ingestion, a professional cloud based live TV capture and encoding platform offers fully integrated redundant satellite head-end enabling the capture of feeds for simulcast services. Companies such as Norway´s largest newspaper, Amedia, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Telenor Denmark and more, have chosen the high-availability and scalable solution provide by NORIGIN MEDIA. The cloud-based Live Hosted Headend product makes it easier than ever to bring live content to multi-screen. Commercially, the time-based live encoding product offers a low entry point for periodical and time based encoding needs –  it is effective, quick to launch and ready to go ‘out of the box’!

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