Telin: “Cloud TV will be a future trend”

IP&TV News talks Cloud TV and CDN, with Henri Setiawan, VP Innovation Management, Telin-Telecom Indonesia

Henri Setiawan,  VP Innovation Management, Telin-Telecom Indonesia

Henri Setiawan,
VP Innovation Management, Telin-Telecom Indonesia

IP&TV News:  Hi Henri. You’re Telin’s VP for Innovation Management. What innovations have Telin introduced in the last year you think are especially interesting or promising?

Telin has seen a lot of innovation due to our president’s vision for Telin as a world hub of TIMES business: TIMES stands for Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment and Services. There are several promising innovations: ours CDNs, with 14 nodes, that are already deployed; partnering with EdgeCast and SwiftServe; MaCH, our media content hubs (that will be our platform to deliver content from domestic to domestic, domestic to international and international to domestic); and the last is IPX – our forthcoming solution for roaming and preparation to serve LTE.

How can CDNs help facilitate the exchange of content between Asia and the rest of the world, and what positive consequences could this lead to?

It will be one of the key things in infrastructure to increase QoE and make your customer stick with you and your network. As most of the content providers need to improve QoE with cheaper bandwidth, so CDNs will be the right solution for them. You will see that most content will be delivered through the internet, and Telin has prepared. Beside the submarine cable infrastructure that has worldwide coverage, we are also building a federation to drive content delivery.

Do you consider the potential relationship between Cloud TV and CDN especially promising, and if so why?

Yes, we believe Cloud TV will be a future trend, as we believe that video traffic will dominate future traffic. That is why we are building Media Content Hubs as platforms that represent Cloud TV platforms and CDN platforms. Together these form a dynamic duo that can drive our infrastructure to have more value proposition.

What are the main drivers for the rise of Cloud TV – and do you think Cloud TV can be effectively monetized?

The deployment of smart devices is the main driver for the rise of Cloud TV – and that customers need more and more content, especially from its original source. To monetize Cloud TV we have four channels to make it happen: wholesale, retail, syndication and advertising.

Finally, you’ll be appearing at both CDN Asia and TV Connect Asia this year. What are the main advantages of events like this to the Asian region?

The main advantages of events like to the Asian region is to share knowledge and business experience with other operators. With this forum, we can better understand the current trends and meet other operators doing the same thing. It is a really good forum to share, get and give knowledge while to make business.

Henri Setiawan will be appearing at TV Connect Asia, 2014 (29-30th April, Suntec, Singapore). For  booking and info go here

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