Quickfire Q&A with Ibrahim Gedeon

Ibrahim Gedeon  CTO  Telus

Ibrahim Gedeon

One of the most respected and engaging figures in the industry, Ibrahim Gedeon is scheduled for a barnstorming turn at the third Leadership Summit at TV Connect 2014 in March.

In order to whet the appetite, IP&TV News managed to pin Ibrahim down for the following quick Q&A…

IP&TV News: Ibrahim – you’re rightly renowned as a real trailblazer in IPTV. From your perspective, what has been the industry’s most exciting development over 2013?

Ibrahim Gedeon: Cloud TV and Android based software delivery

A number of people have commented that last year saw the identity of OTT, and its place within the ecosystem, come more clearly into focus? Would you agree?

Yes, still a revenue stream other than Netflix, unproven yet for large scale.

What’s your personal position on the “build, buy or partner” debate? Should telcos be building their own OTT services?

Key for us is to ensure client invest proactively through the telcos.  Partner and build if needed.

Do you think telcos are showing sufficient innovation in content delivery? Are there any steps you’d like to see more broadly adopted?

I think the web and IP are critical and have enabled original innovation in content delivery.  I believe a more global approach to HTML5 and interactive apps is good.

You’ve done a lot to change the face of home entertainment. As a consumer, what are your own favourite developments in this area?

Whole home PVR, remote record, integration of home app and entertainment affordability, and 4K (UHD) video.

You’ve appeared at TV Connect before – what’s your favourite thing about this event?

High caliber vendor presence and speakers.

Ibrahim Gedeon will be appearing at TV Connect 2014, 18-20th March. For booking and more info go here

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