Discovery Communications: “We are at the beginning of the SocialTV revolution.”

Amaury Blondet,  Manager, Digital Media Discovery Communications

Amaury Blondet, Manager, Digital Media
Discovery Communications

If there’s a topic that never fails to fascinate in terms of what it will mean for the future of connected entertainment, it has to be Social. And who better to ask what that future implications might look like than Amaury Blondet,  Manager, Digital Media at Discovery Communications…

IP&TV News: Hi Amaury. How big a part of Discovery’s future do you think Social is going to have?

Amaury Blondet:  Social is here to stay, not only at Discovery but also as part of the DNA of every successful company. I think Social will keep getting bigger and better for us.

What opportunities do SocialTV analytics present?

SocialTV analytics are a very important part of our integrated approach to research that includes TV ratings and digital/social analysis. When we analyze the digital/social numbers the right way correlating them with TV ratings, we get a lot more accurate audience information than just looking at Nielsen, Ibope, etc. so there are great opportunities for better programming, engaging content and monetization.

How can SocialTV be most effectively monetised?

There are many ways to effectively monetized SocialTV but it will depend on the objective(s) and goal(s) of the clients. We have been able to monetize SocialTV experiences via traditional ads such as banners, video (pre/post roll) and sponsorships but also in more creative and effective ways such as branded content.

Do you think the rise of Social will have a strong effect on content, and if so what kind of effect do you think it will have?

Of course it will (and it already has) a strong effect. By analyzing and measuring the content, we can see what content (video, images, text, app, etc) works better at a certain time and date, and for what type of public. Now more than ever brands and users have more power (crowdsoursing and others) and that power (feedback) transforms itself into better and more engaging content.

What’s the most exciting thing about Social TV?

I think the most exciting thing about SocialTV is the connection between the programming (content) and the users (fans). It is the first time that the viewers can have a real interaction with their favorite shows and characters, and if done well, can have long lasting positive results. I truly believe that we (TV/digital industry) are just at the beginning of the SocialTV revolution and there are many exciting things to come in the near future with connected devices and smart wearables such as Google Glasses, watches, etc.

Is there anything you’re especially keen on finding out more about at this year’s TV Connect? What makes this event such an important date in the diary?

It will be my first time at TV Connect, the leading event on connected entertainment, so I’m looking forward for great speakers and presentations, networking events and to hear more about my colleagues’ perspective on the future of the industry.

 Amaury will be appearing at TV Connect 2014, 18-20th March. For booking and more info go here.

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