TiVo reveals Promo Effectiveness rankings

TiVo Research and Analytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo, have  announced audience measurement results for the 2013 fall season series premieres. The study identified how effectively on-air broadcast television promos, running the six weeks prior to premieres, drove viewers to watch. According to TRA, the top four programs with a Promo Conversion score greater than 20 percent earned full-season orders, and one new entry, Sleepy Hollow, was already renewed for season two.

TRA evaluated the 23 new fall broadcast series that premiered from September 16 – October 10 and utilized Power||Watch ratings service data, gathered from an opt-in panel of 48,000 TiVo subscribers, to analyze the results. For the third year in a row, the findings revealed that a broad promotional reach campaign does not guarantee a program’s success with viewers. Promo Conversion – defined by TRA as a viewer who was exposed to at least three on-air promo spots for a given program and then tuned in for the series premiere – was quite accurate in predicting which new programs would attract viewers.

For example, Sleepy Hollow ranked only 17th overall with a 53 percent reach, but its Promo Conversion score of 20.4 percent boosted the show to third place in the overall rankings. The ABC superhero program Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ranked seventh in reach, but first in Promo Conversion with an impressive 27 percent score. Robin William’s second foray into series TV, The Crazy Ones, enjoyed the best of both worlds, delivering the second highest Promo Conversion rating of 25.3 percent and the fifth highest reach, 70 percent.

Contrary to popular belief, reach is less predictive of success. The top reach campaign for the fall season was ABC’s Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Besides touting the longest name of the season,

Wonderland also claimed a 76 percent live + 7 day reach, but only a 4.9 percent Promo Conversion, the lowest score in the past four seasons.

On the other end of the scale, live + 7 day reach for the Andy Samberg comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine was 48 percent, the lowest non-CW new series this season. However, the show scored a Promo Conversion rating of 20.3 percent and already received a full-season order.

Starting in December, Promo Conversion measurement and reporting will be available as part of Media TRAnalytics v3.11.2. This updated tool will include not only measurement of tune-in conversion and overlap, but also the ability to analyze conversions with reference to any of the wide variety of demographic and purchase data available in Media TRAnalytics.

“TRA’s Promo Conversion data is a powerful tool that can help networks cut through to the core of what’s really resonating with viewers and help to course correct midseason or plan for next season all with an eye toward effective targeting and improving ROI,” said Tara Maitra, Senior Vice President and GM of Content and Media Sales at TiVo. “No other data exists that offers such granular insights into the efficacy of television promos to help networks and marketers determine what’s really resonating with viewers.”

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