Twitter Q&A highlights: “Securing Digital Africa”

Wednesday saw our long-awaited live Twitter interview “Securing Digital Africa” with Steve Christian of Verimatrix and Richard Bell of Wananchi. It was a really lively discussion, that touched upon some very interesting topics indeed.

IP&TV kicked off the discussion by asking the participants their opinions regarding the most exciting thing in African Digital TV right now. Steve Christian chimed in first:

@iptvnews despite the challenges, content and service innovation seems to be rising to the occasion #AfricaCast

Richard had his own point of view, albeit a slightly ambivalent one:

@IPTVNews @t68src #AfricaCast the Digital Migration is big news but it’s also very confused

The crux of the discussion was whether or not the African consumer was looking at bright digital future. Steve was optimistic:

@IPTVNews @RichardKengele with the base of demand and technology seems to me that things are poised for fantastic growth #AfricaCast

Our interviewees had a great to-and-fro over the perennial question of the future relationship of linear and on-demand services:

[Steve Chrsitian:]@IPTVNews @RichardKengele live entertainment and a shared experience is a fundamental part of TV – as is real time news etc #AfricaCast

@IPTVNews some predict the end of linear TV – but I sense a strong future in a hybrid viewing experience #AfricaCast

[Richard Bell:] @t68src @IPTVNews #AfricaCast good linear channels will get bigger bad ones will die either way VOD will flourish

[Steve Chrsitian:] @RichardKengele .@IPTVNews so you agree that a hybrid service is a likely winner – with the right content? #AfricaCast

[Richard Bell:] @t68src @IPTVNews #AfricaCast absolutely Linear, VOD, over IP/Fiber, social media over mobile. Hybrid content and hybrid technologies

The entwined questions of content and content protection also loomed large. Richard had warm words for Verimatrix:

@IPTVNews #africacast for us its operating many different platforms. Thats why we like Verimatrix, totally integrated of single backplane

Sticking with Richard momentarily, we all enjoyed his comment about the White Spaces scheme in Africa.

@IPTVNews @t68src #africacast white space scheme (open access) and GSMA (operators) are set for a monumental battle. Jury is out

Interesting stuff. And today we’re able to announce a follow-up Twitter interview, “Africa’s Digital Strategies.” Steve Christian will be back for this one, and he’s going to be joined by Anton Smith, CEO Hambisana (@AntonSmith5) and Nick Ruczaj (@Vubiquity). Come to @IPTVNews on November 4, 2pm GMT to join in.

 AfricaCast (Cape Town, November 12 – 14) is the region’s premier show on the future of broadcasting. For booking and more info go here.

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