OgilvyEntertainment: “Every brand has a story to tell”

Doug Scott, president of OgilvyEntertainment

Doug Scott, president of OgilvyEntertainment

Doug Scott, president of OgilvyEntertainment, the entertainment marketing arm of Ogilvy & Mather, on the potential for brands in a transmedia world, and the most effective triggers for encouraging customer engagement.

Doug will be speaking at the TV:Xperience event taking place in New York City on July 15th-17th. For more information and to register, please visit

Are second-screen experiences enhancing linear viewing, or detracting from it?

Second-screen experiences are transforming viewing behaviour from linear to that which allows for more meaningful, multi-dimensional and immersive engagement.

Second-screen technology continues to evolve and open new doors for the creation of deep narratives that have the power to mix with and enhance the everyday life of the viewer (or participant).

It’s an exciting time for marketers as we face the challenge of connecting with consumers in their most receptive state while leveraging content across paid, earned and owned channels.

Ultimately, I believe mobile is actually the first screen, not the second screen, because it is truly about me; and it’s my constant personalised source for connectivity and the consumption of content.

Do you agree that the integration of adverts into second-screen experiences needs to become more nuanced?

I believe that every brand has a story to tell. Beyond adverts, brands should consider how they can activate their story in the form of content that they can own, not rent, within the second-screen realm.

There is tremendous potential for brands to flourish in a transmedia world and deliver value and utility through branded entertainment.

At OgilvyEntertainment, our focus is to understand a brand’s best self aligned with cultural truths and we set out to create integrated and impactful brand experiences activated across web, broadcast, properties and events.

This is the way forward for brands as we strive to deliver real value to consumers that is immersive not interruptive.
What work is OgilvyEntertainment doing to create more compelling narrative experiences in this area?

Our work for DuPont continues to be our model for branded content excellence. Through The Horizons Project and other DuPont initiatives, we have built a content ecosystem reinforcing DuPont’s position as a critical global partner and scientific thought leader.

We promote the brand concept of inclusive innovation through broadcast (Horizons, a television series on BBC World News now in its third season, and Shunya: The Goal is Zero series currently in development with India’s Times Now network); a series of short documentaries manifesting DuPont collaborations in action that air on television and online; thought leadership events, films and white papers (rooted in a partnership with Fortune magazine and the 2013 Fortune Global Forum), and a comprehensive digital strategy.

Through this integrated approach, we have fostered a compelling and ongoing narrative about the future of our world, centering DuPont at the core.

What are some of the most effective ‘triggers’ for encouraging consumer engagement?

Nowadays, consumers can access content when, where and how they want, and this is transforming the present “brandscape”.

With this shift in consumer behaviour, I also believe that we are seeing the rise of micro content accessible to consumers at a nominal cost.

To trigger effective engagement given this state of play, marketers need to adapt to a new set of rules and deliver on-demand, real-time, contextualised experiences that encourage a lean-in rather than lean-back experience.

I believe this can be best achieved through cross-channel branded entertainment.

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