NBCUniversal: “Transmedia storytelling will be a part of Social TV”

Lisa Hsia, NBCUniversal

Lisa Hsia, NBCUniversal

Lisa Hsia, executive vice-president of Bravo Digital Media at NBCUniversal, gives us five predictions for the Social TV industry over the next few years.

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Social TV will no longer be seen as a branch of the existing TV experience. Social TV will be equivalent to watching TV. The second screen, sharing with others as you watch, interactivity  – the “social” part of TV will all be part and parcel of the regular TV experience.

Social TV will also be available “on demand”. It won’t matter if you’re watching live or days later – you will be able to see content and what your friends and other influencers were saying as an ongoing thread between and during episodes.

And you’ll be able to sign up to follow celebrities and see what they’re saying so co-viewing with friends or people you aspire to be friendly with will be part of the experience.

Transmedia storytelling will be a part of the social TV experience. Multi-platform storytelling will be commonplace, as will fan content co-creation based on the TV watching experience. You’ll be able to enjoy programmes as standalones, or branch off to go deeper into specific storylines created by the producers… or fans.

Social TV may even become a new way to inform the development of new shows as data analysis tools become more sophisticated. Imagine the new formats – crowd-sourced formats, new kinds of show creative, a much more personalised viewing experience.

The dream of buying Jennifer Aniston’s sweater from Friends will be a reality. Shopping and sharing with friends what you’re shopping for will be easy and frictionless.

Social TV will allow for a totally new way to market shows. The old ways of promoting a show – out of home billboards, expensive promotional ad buys – will be gone and replace by much more social and targeted opportunities since data will allow for much more focused targeting of audiences.

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  • We have been able to Buy Jennifer Anistons sweater since interactive began 20 years ago and it never came to reality – I am thinking that it is risky to predict the future…Funny how Website Only Business have had to advertise in the traditional way on Billboards and TV to get traffic.  I do not agree with many of the ‘predictions’ here as there are many caveats to the items presented.

    ASChaigneau on NBCUniversal: “Transmedia storytelling will be a part of Social TV”

  • I have never dreamed of wearing or buying anything that anyone has worn on a TV show. Am I alone in having bigger dreams? If the social TV means frictionless spending then I’ll be downloading more shows than watching broadcasts.

    coward on NBCUniversal: “Transmedia storytelling will be a part of Social TV”

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