AOL: Advertisers and video platforms are starting to think the same way

Ran Harnevo, SVP of TV at AOL

Ran Harnevo, SVP of video at The AOL On Network

Ran Harnevo, senior vice-president of video at The AOL On Network, outlines his expectations for the TV industry’s development over the next few years, which include an increase in consumer loyalties to hardware manufacturers, the alignment of advertisers and video platforms, and the growing role of syndication platforms.

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Connectivity of devices is going to become more and more important

“By this I mean that as consumers access more content services in the cloud, they’re going to want to use the same hardware maker for all of those services,” says Ran. “If you already have an iPad, you’re more likely to buy an Apple TV so that you can easily use the same cloud services – like iTunes – across both.”

Today’s consumers don’t care as much about which screen they’re accessing content from – to them it’s just content

“We’re slowly starting to see advertisers and video platforms (broadcasters, networks and premium web publishers) think the same way. These companies are merging their cross-screen inventory, measuring it with the same metrics and selling it on the same platforms, and advertisers are following suit by adapting their trading desk technology and moving away from the old siloed (digital vs. TV) approach to media buying.”

In addition to making changes in how they sell advertising, video platforms will start focusing more on their fourth screen strategies

“We’ve already seen the beginnings of this with ABC’s recently announced ‘Watch ABC’ app, and we’re likely to see other companies follow suit and become more screen-agnostic in the future. Ultimately, this is going to help them get more eyeballs, higher ratings and more ad dollars.”

The syndication economy is going to play an even more significant role in the way that audiences are formed online

“Today, publishers and content producers are often thought of as the same thing (and in some cases they are). But as audiences continue to fragment and more and more content is available online, broadcasters, cable networks and other video platforms will need to decide which they want to be.

Those that are content creators will need to hyper-syndicate in order to reach enough eyeballs online, and those that are publishers will need to continue to look for ways to grow their audience.”

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