Brazil’s Grupo Abril: “Feature phones will enable the social explosion of TV in our market”

Ricardo Anderãos, Grupo Abril

Ricardo Anderãos, Grupo Abril

Ricardo Anderãos, Social and Transmedia Director at Brazilian media conglomerate Grupo Abril, on the fetishisation of technology platforms, the importance of transmedia campaigns, and the potential of social TV services in Brazil.

How do you believe Latin American service providers can create more personalised, engaging viewer experiences?

By overcoming the fetish for technology platforms and embracing the concept of transmedia strorytelling, which focuses on the stories and the relationship between fans and their idols and favourite programmes.

Our market is still living the fetish of appliances and technologies. In a truly transmedia world, technology should be transparent, because what matters is the flow of emotions between the audience and content of programming.

What form might a successful multiscreen advertising strategy for the Brazilian market take?

I believe that only transmedia campaigns, which not only use all platforms, but actually distribute relevant and complementary content in each platform, can offer the return on marketing investment that advertisers really want.

The problem is that, in Brazil, there is still a separation between advertising agencies that take care of investments in traditional media from the ones that cars about digital media.

This anachronism invalidates truly transmedia strategies.

What work is Abril Mídia doing to connect TV viewers to more of the content and the people they care about?

MTV Brazil, the television arm of Abril Communications (formerly Abril Midia), have a history of pioneering in the area.

For years now we have enabled view interaction via SMS and platforms like Twitter, through which the public can choose the clips that will be shown next, participate in polls and even commercial promotions.

Last year we launched LUV MTV LUV, a dating show which is an extension of a mobile iOS app that allows flirting based on geolocation.

This year we debuted a platform that allows viewers to define parts of the TV programming schedule, choosing reruns episodes of their favourite programmes.

At the moment we are building a gamification platform through which MTV Brazil will mediate the relationship of their audience with their musical experiences, from the iTunes playlist to live shows they attend, besides, of course, the musical programming of the TV station itself.

Are Brazilian consumers going to take up social TV services? What features do you think will prove most popular?

The experience of watching TV and comment the content of programmes in social platforms has already grabbed the younger audience in Brazil, as in other countries.

However, as only a small portion of our population have smartphones and tablets, much of the social experience on Brazilian TV still uses PCs as a gateway device.

Feature phones with connections to major social platforms, in my opinion, will be the platform that will enable the social explosion of TV in our market.

Any social TV platform that can handle simpler phones as a way to foster the participation of the viewer has huge chances of success here.

Ricardo will be speaking at the TV Connect LatAm event taking place in São Paulo on 4th-5th December, 2012. For more information and to register, please visit

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