Amazon: “Brazil is rapidly growing from a technology standpoint”

Jose Papo, Amazon Web Services Evangelist for Latin America

Jose Papo, Amazon Web Services Evangelist for Latin America

Jose Papo, Amazon Web Services Evangelist for Latin America, on the progress of cloud services in Latin America, and increasingly high customer demand for entertainment delivered via the Internet.

Where does Amazon currently stand with its deployment of cloud services in Latin America?

Latin America and specifically Brazil is rapidly growing from a technology standpoint, and many of our existing customers are seeing a demand for offering their products and services to their Latin American end users.

South America is also a hotbed of innovation and a place where cloud computing can really help new and existing companies quickly grow and scale.

Brazil was the right place for us to deliver our suite of infrastructure web services to customers in South America, so we decided to expand our global cloud computing platform by launching in December 2011 our eighth geographic region, the South America Sao Paulo. We have now tens of thousands of customers in Latin America.

What plans do you have to expand it in the coming year?

Technology innovation is happening across Latin America but I’ll have to ask you to stay tuned on our expansion plans.

Also, we don’t provide revenue forecasts publicly, but I can tell you that given the high level of activity among both startups and large enterprises, we expect our Brazil business to be significant and to grow quickly.

What kind of response are you seeing for connected entertainment experiences on the continent?

We see a high customer demand for more entertainment. We have a lot of customers which have solutions for movies, music and games. One of our public case customers is Terra Portal.

They created a movie streaming product called SundayTV using the AWS Cloud Services. They are gaining the AWS Cloud benefits of elasticity and pay only what you use.

How can the customer be utilised to develop cloud services further?

First, it’s important to highlight that we already had a large and rapidly growing number of customers in Brazil and across Latin America, when we launched South America Sao Paulo region.

Many of them whom we can publicly mention include Merck, R7 portal, Peixe Urbano, Casa & Video and Gol Airlines. And now with the new region, customers in Brazil and South America can run their applications significantly reducing the latency to end-users.

It is double-digit millisecond latency in most instances to end-users in South America from our new Brazil Region. Previously, many of our Brazilian customers were using our US-East facility, which had triple-digit latency.

Also, the South America Sao Paulo Region allows us to diversify and provide customers choice in where they run their data.

Some companies may choose to run their applications that require low-latency out of the South America Sao Paulo Region while keeping their other applications that don’t have latency restrictions in US, for example.

Jose will be speaking at the TV Connect LatAm event taking place in São Paulo on 4th-5th December, 2012. For more information and to register, please visit

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