Broadpeak: nanoCDN tech can leverage CPE resources to boost video delivery

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO of Broadpeak

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO of Broadpeak

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO and President of French video delivery specialists Broadpeak, discusses the company’s new nanoCDN solutions, capable of leveraging customer premises equipment to improve the video delivery capabilities of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Can you tell us more about nano CDN technology?

nanoCDN is a technology that will be introduced by Broadpeak at IBC 2012. It relies on the usage of home network equipment as elements of the Content Delivery Network, allowing the leveraging of these equipment resources to boost the video delivery capabilities of a CDN.

One of the first applications will involve revolutionising live over-the-top (OTT) TV delivery by removing all the hurdles related to peak hour consumption: whatever the number of viewers, the same amount of bandwidth will be used in the network.

How can giant data centres be turned into nano data centres?

Giant data centres are giant because they are central. They need to deal with all content at all times. By splitting the CDN capacity into multiple locations, down to the subscribers’ home, we can achieve a much more scalable architecture with even better performances.

How can this technology help operators differentiate themselves from globally-distributed CDNs?

Operators are the only ones who can master the home network equipment (gateways and boxes) deployed in their customer’s premises. They are the only ones who can leverage this equipment to improve quality of service for their subscribers.

They are the only ones to decide which technology can be used on their network, and how it can be optimised to save bandwidth and infrastructure costs. On the other hand, global CDNs need to rely on network service provider (NSP) for distributing their content up to the last mile.

Can you tell us more about nano CDN loading?

In the case of live OTT optimisation, the content will be ingested in the nanoCDN through a specific server that will make some modifications to the streams before carrying them in the operator’s network.

In the home network, a piece of code will undo the modifications and allow the video to be streamed seamlessly to the end-user’s device.

Jacques will be speaking at the CDN World Summit 2012 event, taking place in London on 2nd-4th October. For more information and to register, please visit

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