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    US coaltion to lobby for greater video competition

    A new US advocacy coalition including the likes of Google, CCIA and TiVo has been formed to push for video device competition. The new coalition will look to demonstrate to policymakers at the FCC and on Capitol Hill that there is broad support to promote competition and innovation by making video networks more available to…

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    Vodafone Portugal launches 4K channel

    Vodafone Portugal is offering a 4K (Ultra HD) television channel to its TV-over-fibre customers. Initially, Vodafone Portugal will start 4K/UHD broadcasts of content of the FunBox 4K UHD channel, whose portfolio will be extended in the coming months to include a wide range of UHD content including documentaries, sport, music and movies. Customers of the…

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    Western European OTT revenue to reach $13.72bn by 2020

    OTT TV and video revenues in Western Europe will reach $13.72 billion in 2020; up from the $894 million recorded in 2010 and the $6.34 billion expected in 2015, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. From the $9.00 billion in revenues to be added between 2014 and 2020, the UK will contribute…

Analysis & Opinion

  • How the net was won: Inside the war with US cable

    Evan Greer

    Don’t even try suggesting to internet activist/Broadband World Forum keynote Evan Greer that net neutrality has more to do with bandwidth than civil rights… “If Comcast, AT&T and Verizon were actually so concerned with these connection and bandwidth issues…,”she scoffs, “…then the first thing they could do is actually build up all the infrastructure they promised to build up…

  • Ovum: BT’s CL Robin Hood act could spell trouble for Sky

    Nick Thomas

    This week has seen Sky seek to upset BT’s big Champions League unveiling by pointing to the competition’s declining viewing figures.  It did beg the question, however, whether BT had been wise to shell out the not inconsiderable £900 million it did in the circumstances. “For BT’s overall strategy, TV is the sweetener for retaining…

  • Intel on the smart home: “Let’s not be sneaky”

    “Let’s bring the consumer services they value"

    We are all more than familiar with the quid pro quo at the heart of commercial free TV: here’s some content free of charge. In return, please watch these advertisements… It’s something we largely take for granted, but, when you do think about it, it reveals itself anew as pretty great deal, all in all,…

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